Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Rajvansh asking the police who called them and complained but the inspector doesn't tell him.

There, Purvi worriedly comes upstairs thinking she should have been alerted even if Rajvansh doesn't care she can't let Dadi and Dadu get hurt.

On the other hand, Rajvansh warns the hotel manager about bringing the police to him and says that he can sue him, just then Purvi comes and gets tensed seeing the police.

Meanwhile, the manager tells the inspector seeing Purvi that she is the wife of Rajvansh so the inspector takes it as proof and decides to arrest Rajvansh, while he talks rudely and says he'll first call his family.

However, the police don't let him do so as Purvi tries to take Rajvansh's side but he shuts her, to which the inspector scolds Rajvansh and asks Purvi not to support Rajvansh as he was cheating on her by sending her outside.
After that, Rajvansh states that Purvi went herself and thinks that she had gone to the bathroom so why she got late in returning and suspects her.

Further, before Rajvansh can say anything else the police arrest him with Monisha while Purvi worries about family but then thinks why should she worry as Rajvansh is wrong.

There, Monisha tries to show her power to the police and asks them to apologize for arresting her while the police laugh at her and say that she is a fool to scare them with her power.
However, Monisha keeps trying to scare them and tries to go but the police arrest her, while Rajvansh tries to explain that he wasn't doing anything wrong but the inspector doesn't believe him and rebukes him for cheating on his wife with another girl.

He further adds, that the law is capable of catching people like him and people help them too while Rajvansh thinks about who told the police and suspects Purvi.

After that, Rajvansh thinks that he won't leave Purvi to do that while, Vikrant tries to be romantic with Deepika but she doesn't let him and makes him fall off the bed so he goes out of the room.

Further, Deepika regrets that she misbehaved with Vikrant due to Monisha's stress and tries to contact her but can't, just then a lady inspector picks up Deepika's call.

Meanwhile, Deepika is shocked knowing the call is picked up by an inspector.

On the other hand, Rajvansh gets Purvi's call who is sarcastically trolling Rajvansh for his deed while he misunderstands that Purvi is behind his arrest and warns her while she denies it and asks him to suffer his punishment so that his ego will break.

After cutting the call, Rajvansh thinks he won't leave Purvi for doing it, while Deepika comes to bail Monisha and Rajvansh, to which the inspector complains about them and then asks Deepika to bring a lawyer for bail.

Further, Rajvansh's family is shocked to know about his arrest and goes to the police station while Dadi calls Purvi asking her to bail Rajvansh.

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