Jhanak 19th March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 19th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 19th March 2024 episode starts with Kaaki asking Bipasa to cut the fruits for Prasad while Jhanak does the cleaning of the house.

Ani notices her while coming downstair after which he tells Basu that Jhanak has been invited to a jewelry ad party.

Bipasa and his father ask him to not worry much about her as she will go on her own while Ani says that he cannot leave her alone as she does not know much about this city.

He asks Choton to go along with her while Kaaki ji asks him why is he thinking so much for Jhanak Choton comes there and says that he will go with her.

Choton asks about the contract form regarding details after which Ani tells him that it's important for Jhanak to attend the promotional parties otherwise he would have to bear the things.

Tanuja and his father ask Choton to take Jhanak along with him while Jhanak says that she will not go to the party after which Bipasa scolds her for arguing.

Meanwhile, Tanuja asks Jhanak to return the money for the clothes that Ani bought for her after which Jhanak says that she hasn't touched the clothes for a single time so they can give the clothes to someone else.

Bipasa asks Jhanak to be within her limits while Jhanak asks them to question Ani about it after which Tanuja asks Ani what is going on.

Ani tells them that he purchased clothes for her for the promotional parties that she has to attend while Tanuja asks Ani why didn't he give Arshi's clothes to Jhanak.

Jhanak refuses to wear Arshi's clothes saying that she will not wear her clothes because it is about her self-respect after which everyone lashes her out.

Then, Jhanak says that Arshi is a celebrity so she cannot take her things whether it is new or old.

After that, people from Jhanak's ad shoot come there with an invitation card after which Jhanak signs the papers and accepts the invitation.

Later, pooja at home begins while Tanuja asks if Jhanak will be a little late for the party then it will not be a problem so Choton asks her to call him when her work gets completed.

Jhanak completes the work while Appu comes there and asks for Prasad after which Bipasa scolds her then Kaaki ji asks Bipasa to not show anger to Appu as she is immature.

Then, Jhanak asks Appu to come and sit along with her after which Appu asks Jhanak to do her makeup while Bipasa makes fun of her.

Later, Shivratri pooja begins with Pandit Ji offering milk to Shivling and everyone signs Bhajan which makes Jhanak feel happy.

After that, Ani calls Choton and asks about Jhanak then he tells him that Jhanak is busy with household chores after which Ani requests him to do something as it is about his prestige.

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