Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Harleen seeing Deepika and Monisha's room passing nearby it, and feeling bad for talking rudely with Monisha.

After that, she goes inside to apologize to her but finds no one there and gets scared thinking if they are up to doing something again, and thinks that it might harm Rajvansh.

Further, she calls Monisha but she refuses to take her call stating Harleen will start her Rajvansh rant again.

However, Deepika takes the call and lies to Harleen that she and Monisha have just come out to eat ice cream, while Harleen warns her again to not trouble Rajvansh.

This makes Deepika worried and she tells Monisha the same but Monisha doesn't pay attention to her.

Meanwhile, Deepika thinks that Monisha is selfish to only think about her and Rajvansh, just then their taxi gets repaired due to a tire blast, and Monisha vents on the taxi driver asking him to return her money.

However, the driver refuses to return their money and scares them with a knife so they run away from there.

After a while, they stop and feel relieved to find themselves safe while Monisha shares her fear about the taxi driver and how he was behaving like a psychopath, to which Deepika says that she is more worried about Harleen.

Further, she gives an idea to Monisha that she should go to the hotel alone while she goes back home to handle the situation, to which Monisha likes her idea and asks her to call her once after reaching home.

There, Rajvansh comes to Purvi to take her inside to talk with Dadi but finds Purvi sleeping on the bench only and not waking up.

After that, he covers Purvi with a duvet, sits beside her, and soon covers himself with the same duvet feeling cold.

Meanwhile, Purvi puts her head on Rajvansh's shoulder during sleep and Rajvansh tries to remove her but can't.

Further, Purvi and Rajvansh wake up and Rajvansh asks her to come inside to talk with Dadi while Purvi refuses but agrees after Rajvansh says that they might feel hurt by it as Purvi started before.

In the meantime, Purvi scares Rajvansh saying she'll complain about him to Dadi but Rajvansh stops her while she goes from there making fun of him.

In the room, Purvi gets a call from Dadi where Dadu and Dadi ask them about their whereabouts, after which Purvi lies to praise Rajvansh but soon they get into a banter in front of Dadu and Dadi.

Meanwhile, Dadi asks Purvi if she wore that one-piece dress kept by her, to which she denies it after which Dadi asks her to wear it.

Despite Purvi's denial she has to go to try on the dress when Dadi gets stubborn when Monisha comes into the hotel and gets to know that Rajvansh and Purvi have gotten a special owner's room.

After that, she asked the receptionist to oust them from the room anyhow but the receptionist denied.

As the receptionist leaves Monisha checks the room details of Rajvansh and Purvi and goes to check.

There, Purvi comes after changing her clothes and Dadi asks Rajvansh to fill Purvi's hairline and then dance with her, and they have to obey Dadi.

Further, Monisha listens to a romantic song from outside of the room and gets restless, just then she sees Purvi going out of the room wearing a one-piece dress, which makes her shocked.

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