Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Manpreet asking the inspector to let her in as she wants to meet Prachi but he refuses saying that he has already allowed Prachi in.

Just then, the media comes asking the inspector to give his views on the culprit but he doesn’t say anything and they ask everyone questions.

The constables take everyone out as Vishakha shouts at them saying that she doesn’t know anything and has not done anything.

Meanwhile, the media interrogates KK, Gajendra, and Tashu about the caterers being taken to the prison which makes KK worried as he was unaware of it when Tashu tells him that they are telling the truth.

She further adds that she tried to save them by telling Kabir to do something but nothing worked out.

The media keeps asking Tashu about how she feels about her wedding being stopped in the middle.

Before she answers, Amar enters the room saying he feels good about the wedding being broken since it wasn’t meant to happen ever.

He says that they made an act of the wedding but did not know this many people would come.

He further says that this mess is also a pretend, making Gajendra angry.

In the meantime, Monisha and Deepika reach the police station as Deepika says that she cannot do anything if RV is inside, helping Purvi and her family.

Monisha says that if RV is helping them then she will say that he is doing so because she has asked him to which will look like she has a favor on them.

Deepika likes the plan as Monisha says that RV will have to give him a lot of answers if he is helping them inside and they go.

Back at home, KK gets furious as he tells the media that there is nothing he says when he asks him not to make a joke out of a relationship as pious as marriage.

Amar says that KK is characterless when Gajendra shouts at him, warning him not to utter a word more, and pledges to unveil his truth.

Gajendra and KK ask him to leave right now before they insult him as Amar goes on saying that he is not even willing to stay and leaves.

Media starts to question them about their marriage being fake but he says that it is a fake accusation while Gajendra says that Amar has claimed all this to get political benefits.

At the time, Deepika and Monisha reach the police station as Deepika says that they are here to help them and they have only sent RV there when they learn that he isn’t there.

They both accuse them of being at fault when Purvi says she will soon find who the real culprit is which makes Monisha angry.

Concurrently, Harleen and everyone take a leave but Gajendra asks them to stay till the wedding is over and assures that everything will be fine in a while.

On the flip side, Khushi recalls RV’s warnings and Armaan’s questions when Armaan enters, asking her about RV as she starts coughing and they go back to the wedding.

Subsequently, Monisha and Purvi get into an argument when Deepika asks her not to talk to Monisha like that and Purvi talks back to her saying she should understand the situation and keep control of her words.

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