Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Trishna saying that Prachi is her savior and always saves her and even today she is here to get help from her.

Meanwhile, Manpreet and Ashok also praise Trishna saying that Prachi was praising her a lot and then asking what help she needs.

After that, Trishna says she is getting married which confuses the family that maybe she is doing a second marriage but Trishna clarifies that she is remarrying her first husband only.

She adds, that previously they married in a foreign but as they are in India now they are remarrying here.

Further, she tells Prachi that she needs a caterer for her wedding and asks if she knows about Kumkum Bhagya caterers, and is surprised to know that it's handled by Prachi only.

Later, she requests Ashok to handle catering as she wants to make Prachi her bridesmaid at the wedding, and he agrees, while Purvi and Rajvansh come home where Vaishali worries about not finding Monisha with them.

However, Purvi reveals that the family doing Monisha's bail process.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh asks Purvi to stay away from him for some time, to which Purvi agrees and they share a romantic moment when they bump into each other.

There, Vaishali worries about seeing their closeness and decides to tell Monisha, and Purvi leaves while Rajvansh receives Ranbir aka Krishna's wedding card, and wonders if Ranbir isn't married yet.

On the other hand, Trishna and Prachi are talking just when they see a politician Amardayal after which, Prachi says he is a corrupt politician, to which Trishna tells her that her father is participating in the election against him and Amardayal assassinating her character saying she is living with her husband without marriage for years that's why she is remarrying.

Further, Trishna and Prachi take leave respectively while Amardayal decides to use Prachi as a pawn to win the elections.

There, the Malhotra family comes home and Harman asks to release a press announcement to divert the media from Rajvansh's news, while Dadi scolds Monisha for going into Rajvansh's room.

Later, Dadi praises Purvi for saving Rajvansh and their reputation while Harleen sends them away to freshen up, after which Rajvansh asks Purvi to not be so happy with praises, to which she says she doesn't care.

Meanwhile, Vaishali warns Monisha about Purvi and she decides to defame Purvi.

There, Trishna brings a bed tea for Ranbir and he drinks it but doesn't like it as he likes to drink ginger tea, to which Trishna makes cardamom tea, after which Trishna says she will make another tea but Ranbir says he'll drink it only as he should change his preferences.

On the other hand, Prachi makes ginger tea and Manpreet asks Prachi doesn't like ginger then why, to which Prachi remembers her moment with Ranbir and they both get lost remembering the same.

However, Trishna understands that Ranbir is remembering his ex and decides to give her best to make him forget his ex.

There, Purvi makes everyone's favorite breakfast and impresses Dada-Dadi, after which Dadi asks Purvi to have breakfast by sitting with Rajvansh and asks Monisha to sit in another place.

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