Bhagya Lakshmi 28th March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rishi and Vishesh admiring the bond of Rohan and Paro, just then, he gets a call and goes to receive it while the officer comes and informs Vishesh that he has done the meeting with Lakshmi.

After that, Lakshmi comes and meets Paro also thanks Vishesh for arranging her meeting with the educational department while Vishesh gives all the credit to Lakshmi's work.

Further, he asks her to wait for a while for Rishi but Lakshmi says if she waits then her train will be missed.

She bids an emotional bye to Rohan and leaves the cabin with Paro, after which Paro gets sad thinking that the program should have been a little long.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi says that they can't get over good relationships and always feel a past connection with them, after which Paro relates it with her and Rishi shocking Lakshmi.

There, Vishesh consoles a sad Rohan just then Rishi comes and gets to know about Lakshmi's departure so he runs to meet her while Rohan prays for their meeting.

However, before Rishi can see Lakshmi she is gone from there, and then Rishi takes Rohan home where he gets a warm welcome.

On the other hand, Shalu and Dadi also decorate the house for Paro's welcome and surprise her.

Meanwhile, Rohan's family asks about his experience in the village and Neelam asks if Lakshmi scolded or beaten him, to which Rohan praises Lakshmi and tells how she saved him two times.

After that, Rohan's family scolds Rohan and Rishi for not telling them that he was injured and then pampers Rohan.

However, they don't like that Rohan is praising Lakshmi while Paro's family also asks about her experience in Oberoi's house, after which Paro praises it and then expresses how she feels the absence of her father in her life, which makes her family shocked.

Further, Paro asks Lakshmi where is her father which makes Lakshmi restless and she leaves, while Rohan says he is feeling like going back to Lakshmi, after which Harleen says that she knows the teacher is good thus she wants to meet her.

After that, Harleen asks if Rishi has met Lakshmi, to which Rishi tells her how he couldn't meet Lakshmi and also tells them how even the educational department is praising Lakshmi's program.

However, Neelam says she doesn't want to listen to Lakshmi's praises as Paro insulted her and Lakshmi is responsible for it so she can't forgive her ever.

There, Ranjit wonders how can he convince Lakshmi to marry him while his man tells him that tomorrow a Panchayat going to happen for Lakshmi, after which Ranjit asks his men to find out what's going to happen in the Panchayat.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi is sad thinking Paro feels her father's absence and blames herself for not being able to give Paro enough love.

After that, she thinks about whether she did wrong by keeping Paro separate from her father.

There, Malishka has a nightmare about Lakshmi and gets restless while Rishi and the other family members console her.

However, Rishi asks them to leave saying he'll handle Malishka as he is with her while Neelam notices their separate beds while leaving.

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