Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 28th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 28th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Amruta continuing her acting of being drunk and bashing Virat.

Mr. Ahluwalia states that he is not at all interested in the deal anymore after which his daughter, Alia, also agrees with him.

Meanwhile, Dildar cannot take this anymore and shouts at Virat that whatever Mr. Ahluwalia is doing is correct as he deserves it and it is the cost of not being able to control his anger.

Amruta goes from there after Ahluwalia and Alia goes but she feels bad for breaking Dildar's heart as he always treated her like a daughter and with deep respect.

In the meantime, Babita's sister pokes Dildar that a commoner like Amruta shouldn't be invited to parties like this as he was a commoner before too but with a clean heart.

On the other hand, Virat follows Amruta who feels very guilty and stops her from walking.

Elsewhere, Ishita shows up to whom Babita complains to about Amrita's behaviour.

Ishita blames Amruta's mother, Bhavani, for the behaviour she has after which Babita decides she has to do something about this girl seriously.

Meanwhile, Virat corners Amrita and lets her know that he knew she was acting all along as he has seen her drunk.

However, what hurts the most is that she also insulted his father and Amruta says she is feeling sad because of that only.

She also states that it is because of Virat she had to do it but before any more heated argument ensues, Amruta leaves from there which makes Virat angry.

He punches the wall as Babita comes there and asks him not to hurt himself because of that cheap girl.

To comfort him, she leans against his chest and promises to clean up the mess this girl has created.

Meanwhile, Jahaan gets very happy about what Amruta did as Bhavani comes there by her side but Bhavani states that whatever Amruta did is not right.

Just then, Jayesh comes there and blames Bhavani's upbringing of Amruta.

However, Jahaan asks Jayesh to control his tongue and both of them get into a huge spat until Bhavani shouts at both of them to stop.

She asks him to leave while Jayesh taunts her that she has so much dignity still after literally coming on the road.

He also questions her motherhood after which Bhavani asks him what kind of a father he is but Jahaan asks Bhavani to rest as this Jayesh is not worth their time.

On the other hand, Amruta talks with Dildar and apologises profusely.

However, Dildar only asks her to put a full stop to this enmity between her and Virat after which Amruta tries to go talk to Virat but he closes the door of his room.

Just then, Babita comes there as she heard that Mr. Ahluwalia's decision won't be changed.

Amruta also reaches her home where Bhavani doesn't talk to her at all to make her realize the mistake she has done but Jahaan comes there.

She defends Amruta but Amruta is left with tears in her eyes and guilt in her heart.

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