Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Purvi saying that Dadu will be hurt if he gets to know that the room is canceled as he has booked a room with love for them while Rajvansh says that but he even don't call Dadu currently as it's night.

This makes Purvi sad, after which Rajvansh taunts her asking was she so excited about the honeymoon, to which they cutely argue but then Purvi tells him that Dadu and Dadi will be hurt if they go back while Rajvansh looks soft towards Purvi as she cares for them.

However, they decide to go back having no other option, in the meantime, Monisha and Deepika are happy as Monisha cancels Rajvansh and Purvi's room acting as Dadu's secretary.

Further, Monisha asks Deepika to call Rajvansh to ask what's happening there, while she does the same and Rajvansh tells her how they had to face a problem as their room got canceled.

After that, he tells how they got another room, and a flashback is shown where Rajvansh and Purvi are leaving the hotel, just then the manager comes and gives them a suite room as per their loyalty program which is the upgraded version of their normal room.

Back to reality, when Deepika tells Monisha about the same, she loses her patience and decides to go resort to make sure Rajvansh and Purvi don't consummate their marriage.

There, the waiter drops Rajvansh and Purvi at their suite room which is romantically decorated, and tells them they are so lucky as it's the best room in the hotel specially reserved for the owner while Rajvansh and Purvi don't look happy seeing the arrangements.

Further, they fight over who will sleep in the bed while Rajvansh troubles Purvi, just then the waiter comes there with their luggage and informs them that their car has also been sent to the service.

After that, the waiter takes his leave asking them to enjoy which makes Purvi shocked, when she opens the bag, she finds a short night dress in it which makes her embarrassed and she says it does not belong to her.

However, Rajvansh suspects her intentions and asks if she prepared it for their honeymoon but Purvi denies it and asks him to even think like that.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh taunts her and Purvi says that even if Rajvansh would be the last man on the earth still she wouldn't love him.

After that, Rajvansh states that he also feels the same, while building proximity between them, and Purvi goes out of the room so Rajvansh goes to change.

There, Monisha asks the taxi driver to drive fast as if he is flying the taxi as it's urgent for her to reach there on time, and she curses Purvi wishing to kidnap her while Deepika asks her to show maturity and not say anything like that.

She adds, that if she kidnaps Purvi and Rajvansh gets hurt in the process then Harleen won't leave them.

On the other hand, Rajvansh comes after changing and notices Purvi sitting on the bench outside suffering due to the cold weather.

He asks her to come inside and sleep on the couch but she denies it.

Further, Rajvansh gets Dadi's call who demands to talk with Purvi and when Rajvansh makes an excuse Dadi warns him to make her talk with Purvi later, otherwise, she will come over there with Dadu which makes Rajvansh worried.

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