Kumkum Bhagya 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Khushi thinking that Purvi isn't picking up the calls, but she has to save her otherwise, Rajvansh will ruin her life so she decides to go there herself.

After that, she tries to book a flight ticket to Mumbai but can't just then Armaan comes and questions her, after which she makes an excuse that Prachi is sick and Purvi can't come as she is busy so she wants to go there.

Further, Armaan asks her to wait until the morning and he'll book her ticket and then take her down.

On the other hand, the girls and the boys stand in front of each other wearing masks while Monisha breaks the line to stand in front of Rajvansh.

However, Purvi can't recognize her due to the mask and thinks she doesn't even want to dance with Rajvansh.

After that, Rajvansh and Purvi dance changing partners but end up together, and soon the competition ends while they argue over how they didn't want to dance with each other.

Further, the host declares Rajvansh as the winner in the male category which makes Monisha confident about her win as she thinks Purvi hasn't even danced with Rajvansh for a long, but to her shock, Purvi wins and the host praises Rajvansh and Purvi's compatibility giving them gifts.

Meanwhile, Monisha goes from there to being angry while Rajvansh and Purvi cutely argue over who danced better.

Just then, the waiter brings spiked water for Purvi, to which Rajvansh doesn't like that the waiter didn't bring water to him and tries to take it, Rajvansh and Purvi argue over the water glass but eventually Purvi drinks it.

However, she feels dizzy and goes to the washroom to do a fash wash while Monisha follows her and gets happy finding her unconscious in the bathroom so that now she can romance with Rajvansh.

There, Deepika and Vikrant have a banter over Monisha just then Monisha calls Deepika so she goes out to attend the call.

Further, Monisha tells Deepika how her plan's first step is completed and she has made Purvi unconscious and now she will go close to Rajvansh.

On the other hand, Rajvansh sees that Purvi hasn't come to the room yet but then decides not to care about her and sleeps just then Monisha comes there making Rajvansh shocks.

After that, Monisha makes an excuse for her arrival and then tries to be close to Rajvansh while he tries to separate her from himself.

Meanwhile, Purvi gains consciousness and understands Monisha's plan and thinks that she can't let Monisha do wrong as it'll hurt Dadu-Dadi too and goes from there.

On the other hand, Rajvansh says that Monisha is doing is wrong as he is married while Monisha doesn't agree with him as they are going to marry.

Just then, the police arrive with the hotel manager who tells them that Rajvansh isn't with his wife but someone else.

There, the inspector says that means the complaint they received was true and it's shown that Khushi did complain against Rajvansh that he is doing wrong.

After that, the police arrest Rajvansh and Monisha.

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