Kundali Bhagya 27th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 27th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with the police being ready to take Nidhi's statement while Karan is taken to the country and all the family members are watching TV in wait to learn Nidhi's stand.

There, Anshuman says to his assistant that today Karan's reputation will be spoiled after Shukla's interview while Daljeet says that Shanaya and Shaurya only can marry if Karan is proven innocent.

She adds, that father and son are usually the same so she can't risk Shanaya's life for money, while Shanaya objects and they argue, to which Palki calms them.

Meanwhile, a policeman says to Karan in the ongoing jeep that now his wife will give him a verdict or the court.

There, Nidhi is asked who is responsible for her suicide attempt, after which Nidhi thinks of recent events but says that Karan is innocent and she attempted suicide because she is depressed.

After that, everyone gets relieved except Rajveer and Anshuman while Daljeet agrees to Shanaya and Shaurya's marriage again.

Further, Karan comes to the hospital where he meets Preeta and thanks her while she says it happened due to Nidhi and expresses her happiness to see Karan.

Just then, Luthra's family comes there so Preeta decides to take leave while Shaurya and Kavya thank Preeta for being with them in their tough times like a family member, to which Preeta says they are like family only and then credits Nidhi for saving Karan.

Further, she sends them to Nidhi where Shaurya and Kavya feel emotional with Nidhi while Nidhi apologizes to them all while Luthra's family thanks her for saving Karan.

Later, Palki and her family also come and Daljeet asks when Nidhi will be discharged, to which the doctor tells them that after 2 days.

After 2 days, Nidhi is brought home while the family gives her a warm welcome, however, she feels weak.

Meanwhile, Varun calls Kavya to tell her about the jewelry selection for the wedding while Kavya says she can't marry now as Nidhi is sick which makes Ruma angry, to which Varun tries to calm her but in vain.

There, Karan calls Preeta and tells her about Nidhi's return asking her to come to see Nidhi, to which she agrees and lies to Rajveer about going to Luthra's house.

On the other hand, Varun searches for Ruma but can't find her while Gautam says that she might have gone to Luthra's house, which makes Varun worried but he decides to let it be.

Meanwhile, Preeta comes to see Nidhi while she talks rudely with her and asks her to not show fake concern.

However, Preeta behaves with her nicely, and when Nidhi coughs she goes to get water for her while Rakhi spots Preeta in the house and scolds her for coming.

Further, Karan sends her away and tries to defend Preeta in front of Rakhi but Rakhi asks him to stay out of the house matters.

There, Shanaya and Palki come and Shaurya meets them and says that he had expected Palki to come early and covers it with Shanaya.

After that, Shanaya says Shaurya is looking upset due to Daljeet.

On the other hand, Nidhi thinks Preeta is good when it's only Karan who doesn't move on and bring Preeta between them.

Further, Preeta brings water for Nidhi, and she apologizes to her after which Palki and Shanaya come too and they all feel happy to meet each other.

Just then, Karan comes there.

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