Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with a private detective keeping an eye over Shaurya and when Shaurya notices him, he tries to hide himself but Shaurya comes to him.

Further, Shaurya asks him to tell him why he is keeping an eye over his house, after which the detective makes a story that he is keeping an eye on their neighbor's house.

After that, Shaurya offers to keep an eye on Karan and tells him what he is planning against Nidhi then he'll pay him double.

There, Preeta comes back home with Palki and Shanaya and asks them to be on time in Mehndi just then Rajveer comes and asks about the Mehndi, after which they tell him about Kavya's Mehndi and how Nidhi has given all her responsibilities to Preeta.

This makes Rajveer worried and he tries to stop Preeta but she stays firm and Palki and Shanaya assure him that they'll take care of Preeta there.

On the other hand, Gautam confronts Roma for creating a scene at Luthra's house while she says that whatever happens is good for them.

Just then, Varun comes and thanks Roma for handling the situation otherwise he would have faced a problem.

Meanwhile, Gautam and Roma say that Varun needs to marry Kavya so they'll make sure it happens.

After that, they ask Varun to talk with someone while Kavya sitting sad when Shaurya comes and comforts her for the marriage.

There, Daljeet gets happy about Kavya's Mehndi and says that after which she can ask Luthra's family to do Shanaya and Shaurya's Mehndi while Palki comments on Daljeet's changing mood.

This makes Daljeet offended and she locks herself in the room while Rajveer is worried about Preeta doing the rituals of Kavya's Mehndi as mother and mistakenly is about to spill about Anshuman but covers it.

Further, he sends Mohit out of the room after getting the call from Anshuman while Rakhi and Kareena worry about why Nidhi has given Mehndi's responsibility to Preeta as she was only insecure with her and it can harm her and Karan's relationship.

After that, Rakhi confronts Nidhi about the same after which, Nidhi says there's nothing wrong with it and Rakhi warns her that it'll bring Preeta and Karan close.

Meanwhile, Nidhi asks her to not think negatively and it's not Preeta who is coming between her and Karan but it's Karan who loves Preeta only.

She adds, that she tried a lot to get Karan but couldn't get him so now she just wants to be his best friend again while Preeta is Kavya's mother too and she'll do best for her when she is unwell.

After that, Rakhi seems disappointed with Nidhi's thinking and asks her to ask for help from them if needed.

In the morning, Preeta comes to see arrangements at Luthra's house while Rakhi confronts Preeta to keep remembering that she is an outsider and she shouldn't be entangled in their family matters.

Further, Preeta senses Rakhi's anger and asks if she wants then she'll leave there, after which Rakhi asks her to not twist the thing and blame her but just remember what she said.

There, Nidhi feels difficulty waking up and Kareena helps her and also tells her how Rakhi is disappointed while Nidhi tells her that she was always possessive of Karan and did many things to get him but never not anything so she wants to change herself.

Meanwhile, Kareena consoles her, after which Karan and Preeta talk and she asks him if Rakhi is upset with her for some reason and what's the matter.

After that, Karan says some people can't move on from the past remembering Rakhi's words.

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