Parineeti 28th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 28th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari requesting in front of Mr. Walia to take back the complaint and in return, she is ready to do whatever Madhu wants to do.

After that, Madhu asks Pari to understand from her view also and asks if she was in her place then what she would have done.

Then, Neeti comes in between and takes a stand for Rajeev, and yells at Madhu asking her to take back the complaint against Rajeev.

Mr. Walia asks Neeti to behave well instead of arguing wrong with Madhu after that she forces Madhu to take back the complaint.

Madhu plays her victim card and says that now she won’t be able to face society not even her husband.

Then, Mr. Walia asks Madhu not to think negatively while the media comes there just after Neeti starts yelling at Madhu for not taking the complaint back.

Media person asks Neeti about her views on Rajeev’s wrong deed after which Neeti scolds them for making fun of their family matter.

Neeti asks Madhu to not behave like an innocent lady and says that she knows the whole truth.

After that, Madhu murmurs that she needs to take the steps carefully otherwise her truth will come out after which she acts of being unconscious.

Neeti asks her to not behave like a helpless woman in front of everyone while Mr. Wali gets anxious and takes Madhu from there.

Just then, Shally comes there when Pari tries to stop Neeti from yelling at Madhu, he asks Neeti why she is overreacting.

After that, Neeti recalls that she is crossing her limits after which she acts in front of Shally that she cannot see Pari in pain.

Neeti lies to him that Pari is broken from the inside but she is not expressing it that’s why she is fighting on her behalf after that she goes from there while Shally doubts Neeti’s weird behavior.

On the other hand, Rajeev asks Monty about the things happening outside after which Monty narrates everything while Rajeev blames himself for everything and says that he did wrong with both Neeti and Pari.

After that, Monty consoles him saying that nothing wrong will happen with him whereas Neeti murmurs that she will snatch Rajeev from Pari soon.

Meanwhile, Bebe comes there and overhears whatever Neeti says and asks her what was she saying after which Neeti gets stunned and does not say anything.

Bebe terrifies her saying that she heard whatever she was murmuring which makes Neeti anxious and she starts to shiver.

Neeti lies to Bebe and tries to divert her mind but Bebe murmurs that Neeti is trying to hide her reality from her and smirks.

After that, Neeti tells her that she is worried for Rajeev after which Bebe does not say anything and gives a weird look to Neeti.

Bebe asks her if she does not remember anything after which Neeti behaves innocently in front of her and murmurs that she has to be careful of Bebe.

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