Udne Ki Aasha 23rd May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 23rd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with the driver of the man coming to Renu's house and saying that they will not bring the rishta for Tejas.

Renu asks him what happened after that he says that they have lied to them and that Tejas ran away from his first marriage which they kept secret from them.

Sachin becomes happy after hearing all this while Renu feels ashamed and the driver says that they did wrong so they should not expect any good rishta from Tejas.

Tejas also feels offended whereas Sachin brings breakfast for the driver and says that today he gave the best news to him so he offers the breakfast to him.

Sachin taunts Tejas and thanks Paresh for calling him so that he can see this live drama whereas Paresh tells Renu that high qualification only helps in getting a good job.

After that, Sachin again taunts Tejas that due to him he had married Sayali which makes her angry and she asks him to go and do his work.

Tejas goes out after Renu asks him to stay inside the house while Paresh requests Renu not to find Rishta for Tejas unless he finds a good job.

Renu tries to console Tejas while he asks her why she is finding Rishta for him after that she says that she wants a good life for him.

Paresh calls Renu and scolds her for again finding rishta and he explains to tTejas to find a job instead of listening to Renu after that he asks Tejas to come along with him to complaint against Ishika to the police station for doing fraud.

Tejas goes along with him while Renu again blames Sayali for everything but this time Sayali gives a befitting reply to her whereas Sayali goes to bring vegetables and she finds a man who knows her.

He tells Sayali that Sachin has kept his gold chain in his store after which she becomes angry whereas Roshmi calls Tejas and asks him who is he.

Tejas asks her why she called him then she says that she wants to thank him for coming along with her to the party which brings a smile to Tejas's face.

Roshmi tells Tejas that things in life happen due to reasons behind them after that she tells Tejas that she wants to give a gift to him so he agrees to meet her.

Meanwhile, Sachin returns home after which Sayali questions him why he sold the gold chain that Shobha gifted him then Sachin does not tell the truth and he goes outside and sleeps in his cab.

Renu overhears their conversation and tells Paresh about it after which he asks Sachin why he sold the chain then Sachin says that he had some urgent work whereas Sayali comes there.

Sachin again argues with her and says that he does not like her face while Renu makes Sayali feel bad by taunting her.

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