Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with the goon scaring Lakshmi saying he'll cut her neck if she doesn't get shut.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi says that they have brought her daughter there she won't be shut and she just want her daughter which shocks Rishi.

After that, Rishi asks if Paro is Lakshmi's daughter while Dadi comes and hugs Shalu saying she missed her a lot but she has come here after the years.

At the same time, Shalu cries remembering Anushka saying she is Ayush's wife while Anushka gets happy seeing her in tears as she understands Shalu is heartbroken.

Further, Shalu asks for Lakshmi and Paro and says she has come here for them as Paro is her niece which shocks Dadi while Shalu understands that they didn't know about Lakshmi and Paro yet.

Meanwhile, Dadi gets happy saying she can't believe Lakshmi is alive after which Rishi asks Lakshmi if Paro is his daughter but Lakshmi refuses to talk about it.

There, the goon tries to interrupt them but Ayush holds him so Rishi and Lakshmi can continue their conversation but the goon overpowers him so Rishi and Lakshmi runs to save Ayush.

After that, Rishi and Ayush fight with the goons just then a goon points a gun towards them but Lakshmi saves them and then they run in different directions.

Further, Lakshmi start searching for Paro when Rishi stops her and asks about Paro after which he says that how he always used to feel a connection with Paro and asks if Paro is his daughter but Lakshmi tries to go.

However, Rishi stops her and warns her to not run again from ongoing conversations while Lakshmi says that Rishi isn't the father of Paro and she is her daughter only.

Just then, Paro screams for Lakshmi and Rishi for help and they go in the voice's direction to search them after which Rishi and Lakshmi unlocks the kids and Rohan and Paro hugs Rishi and Lakshmi one by one.

On the other hand, Karishma sees Shalu and gets triggers after which she insults her and asks her to get out before that Shalu murmurs to Dadi to not tell everyone that Lakshmi is alive.

There, Karishma ousts Shalu from the house while the other kids suddenly run in which Rohan and Paro go missing which tenses Rishi and Lakshmi.

After that, Ayush brings Rohan but Paro is found with a goon near the stairs just then they listen the police car siren and the goon warns them to stop the police otherwise, he'll throw Paro off the stairs.

Further, Rishi tries to call the police but Malishka diverts them to get rid of Paro in the meantime the goons pushes Paro off the stairs which makes her injured and Lakshmi asks Rishi to save his daughter.

On the other hand, the police come and arrest the goons while Rishi and the others bring an injured Paro home after which Karishma is in shock seeing Lakshmi alive and vows to oust her from the house.

Meanwhile, the doctor examines Paro after which Rohan asks Lakshmi to promise him that Paro will be fine and she promises the same.

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