Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Prachi drying her hair when Krishna comes there and the water droplets falls on him as he stands behind Prachi.

After that, he leaves after asking Prachi to be careful while Prachi feels Ranbir's (Krishna) presence by the voice but can't see him.

There, Monisha comes to the police station and thinks Purvi shouldn't be bailed this soon from the jail as otherwise, she'll show her attitude again.

She adds, her revenge isn't fulfilled yet and she wants to torture Purvi more just then she sees lady constable Surbhi and calls her.

Further, she praises Surbhi for now she handled that women and then asks that if they will do a work for her in exchange of the money while Surbhi questions if it's anything wrong.

Meanwhile, Monisha offers money to Surbhi in exchange of troubling Purvi and Surbhi agrees for it after which Surbhi asks if Purvi is scared of rats, while Monisha says that Surbhi should let her know this.

After that, Surbhi decides to scare Purvi with rats while Prachi thanks Trishna for her dress and Gajendra calls Prachi to help him.

Ahead, Prachi starts giving him advice for political schemes while Rajni asks Prachi was looking tensed lately but now she is looking fine.

Then, Trishna tells her how Purvi was arrested but now she has got bail after which Gajendra and Rajni praise Prachi's will to work even in such a tough times.

There, Surbhi tells the rats plan to prisoner women then take them and Purvi to the mess to have food and asks them to take their food themselves.

After that, the women off the lights of the mess and release the rats from the traps to scare Purvi and Purvi panics.

Outside, Rajvansh comes with the lawyer to bail Purvi while the inspector questions Purvi's bail after which Rajvansh sides with Purvi that she is innocent just then he listens Purvi screaming and goes in the voice direction.

Further, Purvi comes out and hugs Rajvansh telling her that there is the rats while Rajvansh tells Purvi that she shouldn't worry now as he is here to take her back.

Then, they leave while Prachi takes her leave from Trishna's house and Gajendra asks her to come in the rally tomorrow.

Just then, their light flickers and a hit-and-miss moment happens between Krishna and Prachi after which Prachi leaves while Krishna goes to check the light.

On the other hand, Monisha sees Purvi going with Rajvansh from the police station while Surbhi informs her that Purvi was hell scared and might be in trauma now.

There, Rajvansh brings Purvi back home and she remembers the family members taunts after which Rajvansh holds her hand to bring her inside.

Further, Rajvansh takes care of Purvi in the room and Purvi tries to thank her but can't so Rajvansh asks her to write down as always and Purvi does the same.

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