Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Dadi asking Purvi to bail Rajvansh while Purvi asks how can she do that, to which Dadi requests her to do it for their reputation and they'll talk about whatever happened once they come home.

After that, Purvi agrees to obey them and goes to the police station where she confronts Monisha for her deed and tells her how she already got to know about her plan so she spilled that spiked water in the bathroom to stop its effect.

Further, Purvi states that now Monisha has to pay for her deeds in jail while Monisha tries to blame Rajvansh for their romantic moment.

However, Purvi doesn't believe her saying that she knows her and Rajvansh well and that if Rajvansh wanted to be romantic with her, he wouldn't have come on the honeymoon with her, also she knew Rajvansh even before her so they had enough chances but Rajvansh didn't do anything with her.

Purvi adds to Manisha that she is a good person but isn't weak so Monisha shouldn't try to ruin her married life or do anything bad otherwise she'll forget that she is Deepika's sister.

Meanwhile, Monisha mocks Rajvansh and Purvi's marriage saying Rajvansh just married her out of pity while Purvi says the reason doesn't matter but they are married and until she is here she won't let Monisha snatch her husband.

After that, Monisha says that she can go to any extent to get what she wants and Purvi has no idea about it while Purvi says that she knows she can spike drinks only, to which Monisha asks her to get ready to face bad.

However, Purvi doesn't pay attention to her so Monisha gets frustrated and wonders why Deepika hasn't bailed her yet.

There, Deepika comes to a lawyer Rajnish, tells him about the case, and requests him to bail Rajvansh and Monisha while he tells her that it's 10 pm so no judge will be available at this time and he can bail them only tomorrow.

Further, he suggests that Rajvansh's wife can save him by proving their marriage.

On the other hand, Vaishali says that Monisha shouldn't have done that while Jaswant wonders who informed the police about it and then thinks hopefully Harman will bail Rajvansh.

There, Rajvansh's family car got repaired in the middle of the road when they were going to the police station, and they got into banter about car servicing while Harleen asked them to care about Rajvansh first.

Just then, Jaswant calls Harman and gets to know about the broken car.

Meanwhile, Purvi comes to Rajvansh to bail him but he refuses to take her help blaming her for making him arrested, to which Purvi says that she hasn't done it but Rajvansh doesn't believe her and asks her to go back.

After that, Purvi goes from there murmuring that Rajvansh doesn't deserve her help, while Monisha fights with another prisoner so the police change her cell and put her in the cell in front of Rajvansh, where Monisha demands Rajvansh to make her bail while he asks her to calm down.

Further, Monisha says she can't calm down as Purvi is making fun of her, to which Rajvansh vows to teach a lesson to Purvi after getting out of jail.

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