Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Monisha telling Rajvansh that Purvi was mocking her while Rajvansh gets angry with Purvi and says he'll not leave her now as he can't tolerate her anymore and she is making him angry.

Further, he says that Purvi had come to him too and offered to help him but he didn't take his help while Monisha says that he would have taken her help as if he had been out of jail, then he could have bailed her too.

Just then, a prisoner from Rajvansh's cell mocks Monisha which makes her angry, while the inspector comes and asks her to shut, to which she won't be shut until they make her free.

After that, the inspector asks her to give a strong reason to explain that they weren't doing anything wrong in the hotel room.

There, Vikrant and Harman struggle to repair the car but Harleen and Dadi can't keep calm so they decide to go to the police station by walking.

However, Malhotra's men stop them, and just then they receive Deepika's call who tells them that only Rajvansh's wife aka Purvi can save him right now.

After that, they call Purvi while she thinks about why Rajvansh is showing her attitude and thinks she has done it just then she receives Dadi's call where the family requests her to save Rajvansh so she agrees.

Further, she goes back to the cell to meet Rajvansh where Rajvansh behaves rudely with her again while Purvi asks him to think before speaking as only she can save him from jail and suffering.

Just then, Deepika comes and asks Rajvansh to obey Purvi as only she can save him, to which Rajvansh asks what he has to do while Purvi says he has to behave like a husband.

After that, when Rajvansh gets confused, Deepika explains to him that they have to prove their marriage to the police.

Meanwhile, Purvi explains to Rajvansh that if he doesn't agree with her then, the news will spread in the media too which won't be good for his business.

However, when Monisha tries to intervene Purvi warns her so Deepika calms her down.

There, Trishna's wedding caterer got canceled which made her and her father worried but suddenly she remembers that Prachi is a caterer.

On the other hand, Purvi asks the police to release Rajvansh as he is innocent but they can keep Monisha for some more time.

Meanwhile, the police release Rajvansh and say that Monisha will be released by bail papers in the morning, to which Monisha objects and asks Rajvansh to not leave her but Purvi takes him.

On the other hand, Trishna's father comes to Ranbir to ask him to arrange a caterer while he suggests Purvi's mother and decides to talk with Purvi in the morning.

There, Rajvansh says he can't believe why Purvi saved him, and when Purvi calls Dadi, he understands that she came here for Dadi.

In the morning, Rajvansh's family brings bail papers for Monisha and Dadu says that the police should arrest someone especially a girl without any solid evidence.

Meanwhile, the inspector says that he had seen Monisha in a short dress in Rajvansh's room when Purvi was absent and tells someone to inform them.

When Dadu asks who informed them media comes so Rajvansh's family escapes.

There, Trishna comes to Prachi's house to ask her help.

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