Radha Mohan 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha, Mohan, and Yug's family coming home and Pari thanks Mohan for it while Mohan says that there is no need of thank you as Manan is his son only while Radha covers that saying Manan is like Mohan's son that's what he wants to say.

There, Meera is standing disheartened while Ketki consoles her saying she can understand how's she feeling but it's all temporary as Radha can't come back in their life and she'll make sure of it.

Meanwhile, Ajeet looks irked after which Mohan makes Manan sleep after which Radha thanks him for his help addressing him as Mr. Trivedi and asks him to leave now.

However, Mohan ignores her and talks with the god idol while Radha keeps saying him to leave just then she mistakenly addresses him as Mohan ji after which Mohan talks with Radha.

After that, Radha says that Mohan doesn't have any relationship with her and Manan so he shouldn't be the unwanted person in their life.

Further, Mohan goes close to her and says he is Mohan not an unwanted person but Radha says that she is married and has a son so Mohan shouldn't be close to her.

Meanwhile, Mohan challenges Radha that soon she'll declare openly that she is his wife and Manan is his son.

He adds, until now Radha has seen his love but now she'll see his passion to get her and leaves while Poonam gets shocked to overhear this from outside.

There, the doctor does checkup of Yug and says that he has to stay some days in the hospital as he has stomach infection due to the bottle drip he drank.

However, Yug tries to bargain them but the doctor leaves saying he'll bring the machine to empty his stomach after which Yug says to the nurse that he can do this without machine.

After that, he goes to vomit in the bathroom and comes back while the nurse says it's not the right way and he has to stay back at the hospital as they have to do some tests of him.

Meanwhile, Yug scares the nurse which forces her to agree to his early discharge and then Yug goes from there taking Garv while Garv looks confused with early discharge.

On the other hand, Radha talks with self and says she can't tell Mohan that she still loves him only nor can share things with him hugging him.

Just then, Poonam comes and says to Radha that it's impossible and if Radha tries to go back to Mohan it would be worst as Yug is crazy for her.

However, Radha promises her to never leave Yug as Mohan is just her past after which Poonam leaves and thinks Yug shouldn't get to know about it otherwise, Radha has no idea how worse it would be.

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