Udne Ki Aasha 29th March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 29th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Tejas being scolded by the car owner for not fulfilling the EMI on time.

He humiliates Tejas in front of everyone after which Isha taunts him and says that he is a cheater and decides to go from there.

She takes a lift in a car but she is her friend and both laugh at Tejas as they both have made him foolish.

Meanwhile, Tejas returns home after which Paresh asks him where is the car after which Tejas lies to him that he gave it for servicing.

After that, Tejas tells him that he is ready to marry Sayali if he is ready to give his t amount to him.

Renuka gets shocked and asks Tejas why he changed his mind but Tejas does not as to her.

Isha tells her friend that she is using Tejas for her benefit as she has a dream to settle in Canada as soon as possible after receiving Tejas’s money.

She tells her friend that she has been using Tejas for one year so that she can run away from there along with the money.

Tejas tells Paresh that he will marry Sayali only if he receives the money before the marriage so Paresh agrees to him that he will give him all the money.

Just then, Sachin comes there after which Paresh tells him that Tejas has got ready to marry Sayali but Sachin asks Paresh to give his share of money.

Tejas tells Paresh that if he gives any share of the money to Sachin or Akash then he won’t marry Sayali.

After that, Sachin says that Tejas is just marrying Sayali for money and asks Paresh to not fix Sayali’s wedding with Tejas otherwise her life will be ruined.

Then, Renuka says that if Tejas does this wedding then his life will also get ruined and she says that she won’t let Tejas marry Sayali at any cost.

Paresh takes Sachin in a room and scolds him after which Sachin tells him that he wants that money just for him because Tejas will run away with the money.

After that, Paresh hugs him and says that everything will get fine whereas Renuka scolds Tejas after which he tells her that he is marrying Sayali so that she can help her with household chores.

He compares Sayali to a maid after which Renuka receives a call from her friend then she goes to her home along with Tejas.

Later, Paresh goes to Sayali’s house and tells him that Tejas is ready to marry Sayali which makes Shobha happy.

On the other hand, Renuka tells her sister that Tejas is ready to marry a maid who does not have any class or status.

Shakuntala tells Renuka that she did wrong by bringing high society daughter-in-law as she took away her son from her.

Meanwhile, Sayali goes for decoration work at a place but Sachin also comes there and again ruins everything.

Sayali asks for payment from her boss but he denies after which she scolds Sachin for ruining her work.

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