Bhagya Lakshmi: Neelam's Fear Come True

Bhagya Lakshmi: Neelam's Fear Come True

Neelam's fear comes true after Rohan and Paro bidding adieu to the family while Rishi decides to make Paro do the office tour.

Meanwhile, Rohan decides to take gifts for Lakshmi and Paro so asks Lakshmi to take him to the mall while Malishka also goes there to take gifts for Rohan and spots Lakshmi.

According to the last episode, Neelam says that as Lakshmi and Paro have left their house now everything will be good only.

There, Malishka spots Lakshmi in the mall while Dadi feels that something good is going to happen after which Malishka tells Kiran about seeing Lakshmi.

Meanwhile, Neelam overhears their conversation whereas Paro tells Rishi that her mother never tells her where is her father.

Can Rishi and Lakshmi meet?

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