Pandya Store 13th March 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 13th March 2024 episode starts with Cheeku asking Isha to wake up as he senses some unusual activities in the house.

Meanwhile, Shesh calls him and asks him to come out of the room along with Isha as he sees a ghost in Makhwana's house.

After that, Cheeku informs Isha about this after which Isha wonders how can this happen all of a sudden in the house.

Cheeku and Isha come out of the room with a stick to look after the person who is there whereas Cheeku tells Isha that Amresh would have sent someone.

He thinks that someone has come to steal the papers after which he tells Isha that the next two days are more important for him as he has to submit the papers in registrate.

Isha asks him why is he worried then Cheeku tells her that if he does not submit the papers in the next two days then everything will be snatched from him.

Then, they both go towards the Kitchen to check the papers while Natasha and Dhawal try their best to find the papers but cannot find them anywhere.

On the other hand, everyone has slept in Makhwana family except Hetal and Amresh whereas Chirag wakes up to go washroom and finds that the door has been locked.

He asks Bhavin to come fast from the washroom but Bhavin does not respond which makes Chirag tense and he again asks loudly but Bhavin does not reply.

Then, everyone wakes up whereas Bhavin has drank a whole bottle of phenyl and he is about to get unconscious after which he opens the door and falls on Amresh’s shoulder.

Amba starts crying while Pranali becomes anxious and asks what has happened to Bhavin after which Amresh asks Pranali to treat Bhavin.

She brings the first aid box and bucket after which she asks Bhavin to vomit inside the bucket after that Pranali gives him a few medicines.

Bhavin feels better after which Amresh asks him to never do such things again in his life as he is his elder brother so he has the right to scold him.

Amba also says the same after which Bhavin hugs him and Chirag also joins them whereas Cheeku notices Dhawal coming out of the house.

He tells about it to Isha and decides to increase the security of the house whereas Natasha and Dhawal fail to find the papers.

They decide to plan something other whereas Natasha asks Suman why are relationships so complicated.

Natasha says that she is feeling bad by standing against Cheeku and she asks Suman to convince Cheeku to return the Makhwana house to Amresh.

Suman says that she thinks Natasha has become a member of the Makhwana family no matter how many wrong things have happened to her but she cares for them.

Natasha wonders whether she is not able to move on from Dhawal whereas he returns home.

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