Pandya Store 14th March 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 14th March 2024 episode starts with Makhwana's recalling everything that has happened with them so far due to which they are not able to sleep.

Meanwhile, Pranali cries recalling Bhavin's condition and she turns around him to notice if he is well or not whereas Bhavin reaclls Golu's word that he will also work and support the family in earning money.

Later on the next day, Shesh requests Suman to let him come inside the house but Suman asks him to stay there only because yesterday he was saying that he will never return to this house.

Natasha thinks that it is the best way to ask for property papers from Shesh so she opens the door and tells Shesh that he will only enter this house when he will help her in finding the property papers.

Shesh says that he cannot do this after which Natasha is about to close the door then he gets to agree to help her whereas Amba says that it's Mahashivratri today and this year they cannot organize the pooja.

Dhawal comes there and says that they will join in the pooja and says that he has kept fast for his Parvati after which Bhavin asks him why has he kept fast as the ladies must keep fast.

Pranali yells at Bhavin after which Amresh asks her to think about the incident that happened with Bhavin last night before yelling at him after which Dhawal asks what happened last night.

Amresh does not say anything to him whereas Natasha asks Shesh to tell the things that are written on the board to Cheeku while Cheeku tells him that he has kept bouncers at every corner of the house so nothing wrong can happen today.

Cheeku asks him to meet in the temple after which Natasha scolds him for not doing anything properly and she asks him to take her along with him to the temple where Cheeku is coming.

Meanwhile, Dhawal brings the box in which flowers and letters are kept in front of Amresh and Bhavin which makes Amresh anxious.

Dhawal takes out the flower from the box and is about to read the letter and asks who is that romantic person that wrote the letter after which Chirag and Bhavin tell him that they haven't written the letter.

Then, Dhawal gets an idea that Amresh would have written it and he asks Amresh how would have done this after which Amresh throws the box and asks Dhawal to focus on work.

Amresh wonders that anyhow he has to get back the box otherwise if anyone will read the love letters then it will be a problematic situation for him.

Dhawal asks for an apology from him while Amresh hugs him and asks everyone to get ready for the temple.

On the other hand, Shivratri pooja takes place and Natasha comes along with Shesh and they search for Cheeku after which Natasha and he collides and Natasha asks him to return everything to Makhwana and come to live along with them.

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