Pandya Store 15th March 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 15th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 15th March 2024 episode starts with Natasha asking Cheeku to return everything to Makhwanas but Cheeku tells her that they have done wrong to them.

He tells her that they do not belong to them and he asks her to move on from Dhawal whereas Amresh asks Hetal where is the temple where he used to conduct the pooja.

Amresh scolds Hetal for being so smart in front of him whereas Shalini Dave overhears their conversation while Amrshes notices her after which he goes from there.

Cheeku tells Natasha that he is thinking like Dhara maa just for her and says that he does not want anything even though he can transfer everything to her name but he is afraid that she will return him.

Natasha tells him that she has moved on from Dhawal but Cheeku does not believe in her and says that after living with Makhwana she has also started speaking lies.

Meanwhile, Natasha asks him to believe anything that he wants whereas Amba overhears their conversation and recalls that she scolded Natasha time every ever badly whereas Natasha again repeats the same thing that she has moved on from Dhawal and she goes from there.

Amba murmurs about what plan would be Cheeku making along with Natasha and she prays to god to get rid of her as soon as possible whereas Amresh finds the truck in which the love letter fell.

On the other hand, pooja starts nd everyone becomes excited and performs pooja along with their family while Hetal still searches for Amresh.

Dhawal meets Natasha and tells her that he has kept fast for him after which she tells him that she also loves him but she cannot accept it in front of Cheeku.

He asks her to come along with him to find the papers at his home but she tells him that he has kept bouncers at home whereas Cheeku notices the Makhwana family in the same temple where he has gone.

Amba asks pandit ji to offer 21 litre of milk to god but he asks her to offer 51 litre of milk Hetal asks Amba to not use so much milk but Amba scolds her and asks her to bring money from Amresh.

Amresh searches for the letters while Shalini Dave notices him finding the papers while Natasha tells Dhawal that they can't find the papers now.

Meanwhile, Nandi ji chooses Dhawal and Natasha to become Shiv and Parvati after which they both become shocked while Amba makes weird faces.

Cheeku comes there and murmurs that Naatsha can never move on from Dhawal while Pandit ji asks Amba about Amresh after which she tells him that he is coming.

Natasha calls Shashank and asks him to come as soon as possible while Dhawal overhears their conversation while changing dress and he asks Natasha what is going in her mind.   

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