Parineeti 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Bebe starting her drama in front of everyone and saying that without marriage she should not keep this child in her womb.

Bebe indirectly hints to Neeti that she is doing drama so that Pari herself lets her take her place after that Neeti smirks and follows what Bebe says.

After that, Gurinder comes there and says that she will not let Neeti abort Rajeev's child so she asks Rajeev to marry Neeti and tries to emotionally blackmail him but Rajeev does not listen to her and gives a befitting reply to her that he will not marry Neeti at any cost.

Everyone gets shocked after hearing it while he holds Pari's hand and sits in pooja along with Pari, but Gurinder asks Pandit ji to stop the mantras and she takes a pledge that she will not eat or drink anything unless he marries Neeti.

Neeti becomes happy while Rajeev stands for pooja and says that he will not follow the things that she wants and that he will not sit in pooja because that child does not belong to him and Pari.

Rajeev goes from there after which Pari comes behind him and asks him to sit in pooja for the child, but Rajeev says that he is angry and he will not listen to anyone, so he decides to go from there.

Pari again tries to convince him and asks him to sit in the pooja after that Rajeev asks her why she is forcing him then she tells him that she wants him to do things for her wish.

Then, Rajeev agrees to sit in pooja while Gurinder overhears their conversation and says that Rajeev only listens to what Pari tells him so she decides to manipulate Pari so that she can convince Rajeev to marry Neeti.

Meanwhile, Rajeev sits in the pooja along with Neeti and tells her that he is sitting in the pooja for Pari after that Pandit ji asks him to give Aahuti whereas Neeti murmurs that soon she will make him her husband.

Afterward, Pandit Ji asks them to do the pooja then Rajeev looks at Pari then she asks him to do the pooja, so he does aarti along with Pari and Neeti.

Later, Rajeev goes from there after completing the aarti while Neeti cries and Pammi stares at her whereas Rajeev scolds Pari for giving her rights to Neeti.

Pari tries to justify him but he says that she does not love him as if she loves him then she won't ask him to marry Neeti.

Rajeev yells at Pari but still she tries to convince him but he goes from there while Gurinder comes into Pari's room and manipulates her so that she can force Rajeev to marry Neeti.

Pari announces in front of everyone that she is giving freedom to Rajeev from this marriage so that he can marry Neeti while Rajeev goes from there in anger then Pari goes behind him to stop him but he does not stop.

Then, she comes inside the house after which Neeti does drama that she is not interested in marrying Rajeev.

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