Parineeti 23rd May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 23rd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti telling Gurinder that she is worried that Rajeev will not marry her this time at any cost after that Gurinder tries to make her feel good by saying that she will force Rajeev to get separated from Pari.

Neeti says that she does not want Rajeev like this then Gurinder says that Rajeev won't come to her then at any cost if she thinks that he will love her again after so many things which has happened in the past.

Meanwhile, Rajeev and Pari become emotional when she asks him to leave her and marry Neeti in place of her while Rajeev says that he cannot think of any other place of her.

Rajeev says that he cannot think of anyone else in her place so he asks Pari to not force him to marry Neeti, but Pari requests him to do what she wants

Pari tries to convince him after that he hugs her and starts crying which breaks Pari's heart and she goes from there because she cannot see him in that condition.

Pari goes to Neeti's room and stands outside her room then Neeti notices her over there and asks her to come inside the room.

Neeti tries to be sweet with her and says that she can live without marrying Rajeev after that Pari tries to convince her to marry Rajeev otherwise society will not accept her.

Just then, Rajeev comes there and accepts to marry Neeti and says that he will take divorce from her after the delivery of the child as Neeti is going to give birth to a child for Pari's happiness.

He tells Neeti that he cannot accept her at any cost after that he holds Pari's hand and says that he will never leave her which makes Pari feel special.

Neeti becomes angry and tells Gurinder that she cannot see Rajeev loving Pari every time after that Gurinder consoles her and says that soon after the marriage things will change.

Then, Neeti tells Gurinder that she will not let Rajeev go again to Pari this time after that she goes from there and Rajeev does pooja along with Pari.

Then, everyone joins them while Rajeev gets lost in his thoughts and prays to God to never separate him from Pari.

Later, the Astrologist comes there to match Rajeev and Neeti's kundali which makes Neeti excited, and she waits for a positive response.

The astrologist checks their kundali while Pari keeps Diya near Krishna ji's idol and is about to pick the idol from there to put it in the temple area but suddenly Astrologist says that their wedding cannot take place.

She makes everyone tense and says that they are not a perfect match to marry each other which confuses Neeti and she stares at Gurinder and Bebe.

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