Radha Mohan 28th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 28th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Yug under the effect of Bhang and talking to Radha.

He tells her that he has to find her anklet but she asks him to calm down as what matters is that she is with him now.

Yug looks at her amazed, saying that with her sweet voice, she took all his tension away, just like that.

Meanwhile, Yug's mother watches them both from a distance and prays to God to never let them separate.

Just then, Radha remembers that Manan is nowhere to be found and tries to look out for him.

In the meantime, Ketki and Ajeet also enjoy Holi together.

On the other hand, Manan encounters Gungun again who has just told the DJ to put on a nice song for everyone to dance.

Manan tells Gungun that he doesn't have a sister and she is like a sister to him which melts Gungun's heart.

After a while, Manan gets into a fight with his little friend who calls him "Golu Polu" but Gungun maturely handles both of them.

Radha sees it and decides to meet Manan's friend. 

However, Gungun's face gets painted red colour as Radha is not able to glance at her.

Manan comes to Radha and tells her that he wants her to meet Gungun and takes her hand to drag her with him.

Just then, Gungun also throws green water colour at Radha which paints her whole face again, thinking of her as Manan.

She apologises to Radha but Radha lets her know that it is fine.

Gungun is not able to believe that Manan's mother's voice is the same as Rama.

Just then, Manan comes with a water pipe and washes Radha's face and it is revealed to Gungun who feels her heartbeat quicken.

All the memories that she spent come rushing to her head swiftly and she runs away from there to cry alone as Radha tries to approach her.

She hides behind a vehicle, slides down on the ground, and begins to cry.

She says to herself that it has taken her and Mohan a lot of years to bypass and forget Radha and now she cannot come into their lives.

Manan arrives there, asking Gungun what happened but Gungun asks him to go away.

When Manan doesn't oblige her, Gungun raises her hand at him but stops midway which makes Manan cry and run away from there.

He goes to Radha while Radha asks him if he will make her meet his Didi but Manan says no, saying not today.

He tells that she isn't in a good mood after which Radha reminds Manan that one incident doesn't change a person's whole persona together.

At the same time, Mohan comes there to look for Gungun while Gungun sees him; worried.

She thinks that if he sees or comes across Radha, he may not be able to handle himself.

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