Imlie 29th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 29th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya asking Imlie where is she going but Imlie does not tell him anything and is about to cut the call.

Just then, he hears that she going to some place from the bus whereas Indira asks Nirmala why Imlie ran off from there.

Malti tells her that Imlie married Surya just for money and she requests Indira to kick out Imlie from their house.

Hemlata takes Imlie’s side and says that Imlie is Surya’s wife so she has the right to stay in this house.

Meanwhile, Surya reaches where Imlie is and he asks her to come back along with him but she denies it and says that she will not go back and do the things that Nirmala wants.

Imlie tells him that she cannot live along with him in a single room as she does not trust him after which he throws away Imli’s luggage.

She collects her belongings just then a stranger comes there and asks her if she needs any help but Imlie ignores him.

After that, he holds Imlie’s hand then Surya comes there and beats him after which Stranger requests Imlie to ask  Surya to leave him.

Surya tells Imlie that if he does not express his emotions then it does not mean that he does not feel anything.

After that, Imlie thanks him for helping her and she is about to go but Surya takes away her luggage from her.

Then, Imlie asks him why he doing all these things after which he says that he has promised Dadi so he cannot leave her.

Imlie tells him that she will lie to Dadi that she is happy with her new family but Surya says that he will also come along with her wherever she goes.

He asks her to not argue after which she tells him that she has made the arrangements for her living and she shows the hotel where she will be living.

Surya tells her that the place where she has opted to live is not appropriate because bad activities take place there.

He forcefully takes back Imlie to home and asks her to not argue with anyone after which Imlie tells him that if anyone says something to her then she will not keep quiet.

Then, they enter inside the house after which everyone gives a weird look to her while Hemlata asks Imlie why she left this place.

Just then, Hemlata’s husband scolds her for being polite with Imlie after which she argues with him then Indira asks Surya why is he quiet and not saying anything to Imlie.

Indira asks Surya if Imlie does not want the retakes to fulfill the duty of wife then why she came back after which Surya tells her that both need some time to settle and then further proceed.

After that, Imlie goes into her room and tells Surya that she won’t change herself and never follow anyone’s orders.

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