Kumkum Bhagya 27th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Dadi asking Monisha to get up.

Monisha looks at RV, hoping he will say something but he keeps quiet.

Just then, Deepika also cajoles Monisha to get up after which Dadi asks Poorvi to eat with RV on the same plate.

Poorvi gets anxious while Dada and Dadi joke with each other. Dada tells Poorvi that she must eat on the same plate as Rajvansh or else he won't become her slave.

Dadi rolls her eyes while Purvi sits beside RV. They both reach out for the plate at once while Rajvansh threateningly tells Poorvi to leave it.

In their argument, the food falls on Rajvansh's white garment which angers him.

This prompts his grandparents to scold him and change into another pair of clothes rather than waste his time rebuking Purvi. P

urvi smiles to herself as Rajvansh goes away while Dipika thinks that Purvi must be taught a lesson.

Later, Ranbir calls up Poorvi and tells her that he wants her mother's catering business to take care of the food arrangements at his wedding.

Poorvi's eyes light up while Rajvansh who has just come out of the bathroom thinks Purvi is making fun of him while being on call.

He takes her phone away and asks her not to make fun of him. Purvi tauntingly asks him if she now needs his permission to talk also and he says yes, saying he is her husband.

Just then, she reminds RV that she caught him with another woman on their honeymoon which causes both of them to get into another verbal tussle.

Soon, they lose their balance and Purvi falls on Rajvansh. Meanwhile, Prachi is forced to eat breakfast by Manpreet, telling her that she got a catering order from her friend Tashu.

Monisha on the other hand is requested by Deepika to calm down as they will attack Purvi once things calm down a little.

This makes Monisha irritated while Purvi and Prachi talk to each other on call. Prachi tells about the catering order while Purvi feels sad that she has to deny Ranbir AKA KK.

Meanwhile, Tashu and KK realize that they both ended up giving the catering order to Poorvi's mother only.

On the other hand, Harleen scolds Monisha for making RV enter jail while Dipika notices how much angry this is making her sister.

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