Kundali Bhagya 28th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 28th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with everyone leaving the room when Karan comes there while Nidhi apologizes to Karan for her suicide attempt, to which Karan consoles her.

There, Roma comes the Luthra's house and everyone gathers for her, after which she says that every parent dreams of having their kid's wedding and they have prepared for Varun's wedding too.

She adds, that Kavya is denying marriage which shocks Luthra's family and she asks Kavya why she is denying it when Nidhi is looking fine now.

However, Kavya doesn't Varun tell the reason and replies to Roma, which she doesn't like, and says that she is Kavya's future mother-in-law and asks her if her family didn't teach her to talk with elders properly.

After that, Preeta calls out Roma's behavior but Rakhi asks her to not interfere in their family matters, to which Karan tries to defend Preeta but is stopped by Dadi.

Meanwhile, Preeta says that she shouldn't speak about their family matters but she shouldn't also question Kavya's upbringing while Kareena asks her to not interfere.

However, Shaurya sides with Preeta but Roma pressurizes them for the wedding as the preparations are done and Varun's Dadi wants to see Varun's marriage before dying and they should fulfill her wish.

Just then, Roma's phone falls, and Preeta gives it back to her after seeing it for a while but Roma snatches it from Preeta, after which Nidhi says they will do the rituals on fixed dates as Mehndi will be tomorrow.

Further, Karan sends Preeta to the kitchen to prepare medicine for Dadi and she goes and thinks about why Roma was recording the conversation and gets suspicious.

There, Karan with Palki, Shanaya, Shaurya, and Kavya tries to convince Roma to cancel the wedding but she tries to defame them by bringing Shaurya's drugs and Nidhi's suicide case, after which Nidhi agrees to the wedding on fixed dates as she doesn't want Kavya's happiness get ruin due to her.

This makes Luthra's family happy just then Roma gets a call and she goes to attend it and tells someone over a call that she has done everything as per their plan also she'll send him the video so he won't be disappointed.

Meanwhile, Preeta overhears it and gets suspicious, after which Anshuman rebukes Rajveer and also insults Preeta as he failed to bring papers from Luthra's house so Rajveer takes the task again.

There, Kavya is worrying about what happened and also fights with Varun about the same but Preeta comes there and consoles her.

Further, Nidhi and Preeta have a deep conversation while Nidhi asks Preeta to take the responsibility of mother in Kavya's wedding so she can rest and Preeta gets happy.

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