Parineeti 17th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 17th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti thinking of an idea of sowing the seed of doubt between Pari and Rajeev while Shally calls her repeatedly, which irritates Neeti.

She picks up his call and yells at him for disturbing her after which she asks him to call her later and she cuts the call.

Neeti murmurs that Shally can never achieve her because she only belongs to Rajeev after which she decides to create a doubt between Rajeev and Pari so that she can separate them.

On the other hand, Shraddha asks Shally if he has one percent doubt regarding Neeti so he can cancel the wedding but Shally says that there is nothing like that and he goes from there.

Meanwhile, Neeti recalls that she lost Rajeev just because she doubted him thinking that something was cooking between him and Pari which proved advantageous for Pari.

After that, she enters the hall and notices that everyone is busy with wedding preparations and Rajeev is sitting along with Pari. Pammi makes a weird face after seeing Neeti coming over there.

Just then, Neeti asks Rajeev to meet her in private for five minutes as she wants to tell him something that creates doubt in everyone's mind while Rajeev stares at Pari.

Pari allows him to go with Neeti but she feels anxious and wonders what Neeti wants to tell Rajeev in private whereas Neeti discusses something related to Shally with Rajeev and takes a promise from him that he will not tell anyone.

Then, they go back to the hall while Pammi comes and says that whatever Neeti is thinking nothing is going to happen after which she asks Neeti what is the thing that she wants to keep a secret between her and Rajeev.

She tells Neeti that Pari is Rajeev's wife so it is her right to know everything so she insists her tell the truth after which Neeti asks Rajeev to tell the truth.

Meanwhile, Rajeev tells a lie to everyone that Neeti is preparing a surprise dance for Shally after which Pari says there isn't anything to hide from her.

Neeti says that she wanted to give a surprise to Shally but now everyone got to know about it whereas Pammi murmurs that Rajeev is hiding something from them.

After that, Neeti goes from there and becomes happy because Rajeev didn't tell her the thing that she told him which makes her wonder if Rajeev still has some soft corner for her in his heart.

On the other hand, Shally asks Shraddha to accept Neeti wholeheartedly without any hatred after which she tells Shally that she does not want any kind of discussion on this topic.

Just then, Pandit ji comes for the mohrat whereas Pammi holds Rajeev's hand and brings him to an empty room to ask what Neeti told him but he does not tell the truth to her which makes her anxious.

Pammi tells Rajeev that she can tell by looking at his face that he is hiding something from her while Rajeev recalls that he promised Neeti that he would not tell anyone about the truth otherwise Pari will become stressed.

After that, he is about to tell the truth to Pammi but recalls that if he tells it to her then she will tell Pari about it which he does not want to happen so he lies to her while Pammi murmurs that she will bring the truth out in front of everyone.

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