Parineeti 19th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 19th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev dancing along with Pari in front of everyone which makes Neeti feel jealous of Rajeev.

She gets tears in her eyes and leaves the hall where everyone is present and goes to Gurinder's room and curses her that she is responsible for everything wrong that is happening with her.

Neeti complains that she never supported her when she needed her most and says that Gurinder is selfish as she made Pari her daughter-in-law just for money.

After that, she breaks Gurinder's photo frame while Rajeev comes there and Neeti gets worried whereas Shraddha meets Pari and hesitates to ask something from her.

Then, Pari asks her what is going on in her mind after which Shraddha says that she finds Neeti weird and thinks that everyone is hiding something related to Neeti.

Pari tells her that there is nothing she is hiding from her while Shraddha asks her if Neeti has anger issues after which Shally comes there and takes her into the hall.

Meanwhile, Neeti is about to collect the broken glasses of the photoframe but Rajeev stops her saying that he does not wants her to get injured on her special day.

Rajeev picks up the frame while Pammi comes there and asks what happened after which Neeti tells her that the frame fell because of the wind.

After that, Pammi takes Rajeev and Neeti away from there saying that the mehendi function is beginning to start whereas Shally asks Shraddha why is enquiring so much about Neeti.

Shraddha tells him that she does not want Neeti to ruin his life after which Shally says that Neeti does not know about his past and if they will enquire much about her then she will also get to know about his past after which she will refuse to marry him.

Shally requests her to not ruin things while Rajeev comes to the hall and pulls Pari's leg asking how is she feeling now after which Pari gives him a weird look while he asks Pari to apply the mehendi of his choice.

After that, Pammi asks the designer to apply the mehendi on Neeti's hand by the cone that they offered in Temple for blessings whereas Neeti makes a weird face and ignores Pammi.

Just then, Pammi asks Men to write their names on their wives' hands so Men of the Bajwa and Mehra families do it while Neeti messes up Pari's mehendi so that Rajeev cannot write his name on her hand.

Pammi scolds Neeti for it after which Shraddha takes a stand for Neeti and Pari thanks her and says that Neeti is lucky to have a mother-in-law like her.

Shraddha meets Bebe and says that she is sure Neeti is best for his son Shally, whereas Bebe smirks.

Meanwhile, Rajeev holds Pari's hand and flirts with her after which he asks her why she blushing outside when Chandrika asked him to apply mehendi on her hand and he tries to come close to her while she again blushes.

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