Parineeti 25th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 25th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev and Shally going along with Neeti and Pari for the party which is being organized by Mr. Walia.

After reaching there, they are given special treatment which makes Pari feel special as her work is being recognized whereas Rajeev feels proud of her.

Meanwhile, Madhu has eyes on Rajeev and she asks him to dance along with her but he refuses after which she dances along with Mr. Walia but still her eyes are on Rajeev and she continuously stares at him.

Neeti notices it and gets angry at Madhu and murmurs that Pari was not enough and that god has sent Madhu also to snatch Rajeev from her.

She says that Pari is foolish as she does not notice Madhu's bad intentions for Rajeev and curses her.

Then, she meets Pari and scolds her for not controlling Rajeev after which Pari tells her that she trusts Rajeev which provokes Neeti's anger.

Neeti yells at her whereas Madhu gets an opportunity and she spills a drink on Rajeev's dress after which she asks for an apology from him and asks him to come along with her to her room as she is not able to walk because she has drunk heavily.

Rajeev goes along with her after which she locks the door and holds him asking if he likes her or not and tries to hug him but Rajeev pushes her away saying that she is doing wrong.

He yells at her and goes from there after which Madhu asks for an apology from him and suddenly starts coughing after which Rajeev goes to bring water for her.

Meanwhile, Jankee notices everything but does not take any step whereas Madhu also comes inside the room and asks Rajeev to give her medicine from the drawer.

He is busy finding the medicine whereas Madhu secretly mixes some medicine in water and offers it to Rajeev but he refuses to drink after which she blackmails him emotionally and says that if he drinks the water then she will think that he has forgiven her.

Rajeev drinks the water after which he loses his senses whereas Pari asks Neeti why is she so angry after which Neeti tells her that Madhu has wrong intentions for Rajeev and she is about to say something but she notices Shally in the mirror so she goes from there.

After that, Pari calls Chandrika and tells her everything and says that she is feeling guilty for not telling Neeti about her past life after which Chandrika explains to her to live in the future.

Pari thinks that she has snatched Rajeev from Neeti and she tells this to Chandrika after which she explains to Pari that Rajeev only loves her and he will never accept Neeti even if she leaves him for her.

Then, Chandrika suggests she enjoy the party so Pari listens to her advice whereas Madhu tells Rajeev that he is the first person who has rejected her but she will not let him go.

Madhu tells him that she likes him that's why she is doing all these things and says that she will show it to the world so that he can accept her.

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