Parineeti 29th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 29th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pammi consoling Pari and motivating her to become Rajeev’s power in this critical time.

Meanwhile, Neeti overhears their conversation whereas Pari considers Pammi’s advice and decides to take a stand for Rajeev.

Pari tells Pammi that she will fight on Rajeev’s behalf and will do her best to give justice to Rajeev which makes Neeti envious.

Neeti comes out of there and hits her head with the car’s steering and murmurs that she did a lot for Pari but in return, she snatched Rajeev from her.

She decides to use this situation in her favor so that she can achieve Rajeev whereas Shally comes there and sits inside the car.

Neeti asks her what did Lawyer said after which he tells her that no lawyer is ready to take his case which makes Neeti anxious.

Shally asks her to calm down but she yells and says that why everyone is considering Rajeev wrong after which she goes away from there.

After that, Shally wonders why Neeti always becomes possessive when she hears Rajeev’s name whereas Pari meets Rajeev.

Rajeev asks if he will be getting bail or not but Pari does not tell him anything after which he gets an idea that no one is ready to fight his case which breaks his heart.

Then, Pari assures him that soon she will bring him out while Rajeev tells her that god is punishing him for ditching her and Neeti.

Pari asks him to not think negatively and she tells him that Neeti is also trying hard to bring him out.

Rajeev asks her what Madhu wants from her after which Pari also wonders and they think that she is doing all these things as per someone’s orders.

Meanwhile, Pari prays to god for Rajeev after which she discusses Rajeev’s case with a different lawyer but no one gets ready to fight his case.

Later, Neeti meets her and tells her that she has arranged a lawyer to fight Rajeev’s case after which Pari goes out of the police station to inform Pammi about it.

Pari notices Madhu on a call so she tries to hear her conversation after which she gets to know that Madhu is lying to everyone that Rajeev has done wrong to her.

She scolds Madhu for it after which Mr. Walia comes there and yells at Pari and takes away Madhu from there.

Pari is stunned to see Madhu’s dual face and she gets worried thinking how to expose Madhu in front of everyone.

Just then, she meets the lawyer hired by Neeti and thanks her for helping her while Pammi also blesses Neeti for making so much effort to bring back Rajeev.

Neeti smirks and murmurs that Pammi's blessing is much needed to get entry into Bajwa's house again and she starts dreaming of becoming Rajeev's wife again. 

The End. Thanks for reading.

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