Imlie 25th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 25th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Nirmala telling Indira to never accept Surya because he is not their blood.

Indira scolds Nirmala for manipulating them against Surya and says that she never tried to accept Surya as her son after which Surya comes there and says that he is an apple of Indira's eyes.

Nirmala turns around and sees that Surya is standing there whereas Indira tells Surya that Imlie is a clever woman who knows how to use an innocent man like Surya.

Surya tells her that he did this due to some reason so he cannot take a step back from his decision and he also says that he has learned so many things from Indira as she has been his role model since childhood.

He says that she taught him the real meaning of life and says that he cannot do the same thing with Imlie that Indira's husband did with her.

Surya's uncle scolds him for repeating the past things but Surya considers himself responsible for it after that he tells Indira that he will leave this house and go away from there with Imlie.

After that, he comes out of the house and covers Imlie because she is shivering whereas Indira secretly notices him.

Just then, he sits inside the car after that Indira comes out of the house with other family members after which Surya and Imlie come out of the car.

Indira tells Surya that she has already lost her son earlier now she cannot afford to lose him after which she permits Imlie to live with them.

Surya thanks her after which they come inside the house while Imlie recalls the old days that she spent with the Chaudary family and Augustya in the house which brings tears to her eyes.

Meanwhile, Surya gives his room to Imlie and says that he will sleep in the guest room but before entering the room Imlie recalls Augustya and his touch which breaks her heart and she is not about to enter the room.

Malti tells Nirmala that Surya instead of punishing Imlie married her while Nirmala says that he is not their blood that's why he went against them.

Nirmala says that Imlie is responsible for Raghu's condition and that she will never forgive Imlie for this.

Surya is about to go inside the room to bring his charger but he finds that Imlie is sleeping outside the room after which he scolds her and asks her to go inside.

Imlie tells him that she will not go inside after which he forcefully takes her inside but she tells him that she is not able to move on from Augustya.

Surya requests her to stay inside whereas Malti notices that Surya is sleeping on the sofa outside after which Nirmala says that it is a fake wedding and soon she will break Imlie and Surya's marriage.

Later, on the next day, Nirmala manipulates Hemlata against Surya and Imlie saying that he is sleeping outside after which Indira comes there and notices that Surya is sleeping outside.

Nirmala asks Surya why is he sleeping outside after the first night of his wedding but Surya does not have any answer to her question.    

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