Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Prachi coming to call Krishna aka Ranbir inside but he is busy over the call.

After that, Prachi stays silent at her place just then Trishna comes there and complains about Krishna for always staying busy with business and calls.

However, Prachi calms her down by saying maybe something serious has happened thus he is so busy, and then she tells Trishna that she has made some cards for her wedding as she found the design very appealing.

She adds, that Trishna should give one of those cards to Amardayal too for a better impression, to which Trishna gets happy and wishes to see them.

Meanwhile, Prachi says she'll bring the cards to her once they get delivered, after which Trishna sees Krishna on call for a long and understands something major has happened so takes her leave.

Just then, the cards get delivered and a hit-and-miss happens between Krishna and Prachi.

Further, Prachi brings cards home and the family likes them while Rajvansh is about to go office just then Monisha asks him to drop her off so she can spend time with him but Purvi asks Rajvansh to drop her off too to her house.

Initially, Rajvansh makes excuses for it but eventually has to agree with Dadu, and then in the car Purvi teases Monisha for feeling jealous.

However, Rajvansh intervenes with her so Purvi taunts him that he is protective of Monisha like a brother.

Further, Monisha gets out of the car as her house arrives and bids bye to Rajvansh who promises to call her.

Later, Rajvansh scolds Purvi for tagging him and Monisha as brother and sister when she knows their relationship and asks her to respect the boundaries of relationships.

Meanwhile, Purvi asks him to keep remembering the same thing in their relationship, after which Rajvansh says they don't have any relationship and he'll keep in touch with Monisha.

However, Purvi warns him to be within limits as she is his wife and she won't let him cheat her then gets out of the car as her destination arrives.

There, Vishkha asks Prachi if she has met Trishna's husband, after which Prachi says no and tells them that she knows who is it, it's KK, and praises him.

On the other hand, after a cute interaction with Trishna Krishna remembers Prachi but then thinks Prachi betrayed him while Trishna and her family helped him in bouncing back so he should focus on them.

Further, Krishna decides to go to give the wedding invitation to Amardayal once Prachi brings the new cards and Trishna's dad praises him.

There, Rajvansh asks Purvi to not show him an attitude while Purvi asks him to behave like a good husband until he is her husband, after which Rajvansh goes from there saying he'll stay the same.

On the other hand, Manpreet reads a horoscope for Prachi that something life-changing is going to happen to her when Purvi arrives and meets everyone then tells about her honeymoon incident.

Further, Prachi tells Purvi about Trishna and KK's wedding and Purvi decides to tag along with Prachi to deliver the cards.

There, Krishna shares some cute moments with Trishna and her family while Monisha disturbs Rajvansh's meeting to make him select a dress for her.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh has to select it when Monisha asks him if she is important to him, and replies that she is important, after which Monisha gets firm to defeat Purvi.

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