Radha Mohan 27th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 27th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan finding Radha's anklet on the ground and seeing it thoughtfully.

There, Radha feels Mohan's presence near her while thinking it can't happen and Mohan can't be near her it's only her world.

Suddenly, Mohan comes in front of her and colors her also they share a romantic moment and hug which makes Radha tense.

However, it turns out to be a dream and it's Yug who colors her, after which she is shocked to see Yug and Yug questions her why she is tense if she is expecting someone else, to which Radha denies.

Meanwhile, Yug says that no one can come close to Radha, and if it happens he'll kill the person and then turn his statement into a joke.

After that, he tries to find Radha's anklet to give her but can't find it just then Poonam and Garv come to wish them Holi, to which Radha asks him to not worry about the anklet but Yug says he cares a lot about everything which is related to Radha so he can't lose an anklet.

Further, he goes to search for Radha's anklet while Poonam looks worried but says to Radha that she is lucky to have such a loving husband, after which Radha goes to check on Yug.

Meanwhile, Poonam thinks that Yug's obsession is dangerous for Radha and no one should come between them.

There, Yug thinks that he can't lose Radha's anklet as it's a part of Radha and he'll kill the person who has Radha's anklet.

At the same time, Mohan searches for Yug and then thinks about where is Gungun while Meera asks him to let Gungun enjoy herself, and Meera and Mohan share a playful moment.

Further, Ajeet goes to Yug's Dadi and they share some light and funny moments also Ajeet flirts with her playfully.

As Yug's Dadi goes to get drinks for them, someone pulls Ajeet from there while Radha sees Mohan running and can't believe her eyes and thinks why she is continuously seeing and missing Mohan today being frustrated.

There, Mohan plays Holi with Meera, and Radha sees them but she feels like she is dreaming so she keeps murmuring to herself that it's her world and there is no place for her past to calm herself.

Further, she goes to a stall and starts eating green chilies murmuring that her past has no place in her life as she has her son and husband who have given her everything and she can't betray them.

Just then, Mohan sees Radha from the backside and moves forward toward her but is stopped by Mrs. Kohli, they share a light conversation, and then Mrs. Kohli gives him a Thandaai drink which Mohan drinks.

However, Meera comes there to call Mohan so he leaves finishing only half of the glass and leaving the glass there.

Meanwhile, Radha turned to hear Mohan's voice but couldn't find him after which she got after effects of eating chili which made her restless.

Just then, Yug comes to her and worries and brings her the same glass of Thandaai that Mohan left and Radha feels relief after drinking it.

Further, Radha asks Yug if he is fine, to which he says he is upset due to a missing anklet, after which Radha calms him down and Poonam sees it thinking only Radha can control Yug, and wishes that no one should come between them ever.

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