Udne Ki Aasha 20th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 20th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin telling to Paresh that he didn’t bring Sayali so it is not his responsibility to always look after her.

Paresh asks him to stay there only after which Sachin says that he cannot leave his work to spend time with her after which he reminds Paresh that he only taught him to focus on work.

After that Paresh allows him to go so he goes to pack his bag while Aaji asks Sayali to not take Sachin’s word on her heart Sachin comes there and tells Paresh that he is going.

Paresh asks him to inform Sayali from now on instead of telling him after which Sachin taunts Renu indirectly that she never tells him whenever she goes out after which she stares at him.

Meanwhile, Paresh says that he always informs Renu before going anywhere which makes Renu feel ashamed after which Sachin tells Sayali politely that he is going to work and will come early.

Then, Shobha asks Sayali to reply after which Sayali asks him to come safely after which Sachin takes blessings of everyone and he goes from there while Shobha asks Sayali to go and see off him.

Renu taunts Paresh that Sachin is a careless person while Paresh ignores her and goes from there while Tejas is hungry but he is not having anything to eat and he is not having enough money that he can buy anything.

However, he goes and eats from the stall after which he recalls how Renu used to cook his favorite food for him whereas Aaji tells Paresh that Renu does not have manners as she removed whole the decoration so early.

Paresh asks Aaji to not pay attention to her while Akash tells about his college Juhi and she is impressed while Shobha comes to where Aaji and Paresh are sitting after which Paresh tries to console her for the things that happened today.

Shobha tells him that she is worried for Sayali’s future after which Aaji and Paresh tell him that Sachin knows his responsibility and they should give him some time so that Sayali and Sachin can know each other more better.

Aaji says that after coming from pilgrimage, Sachin will get completely changed while Renu taunts Akash for laughing along with Juhi after which she goes and taunts Shobha that she should go from there.

Paresh asks Renu to behave well while Aaji also indirectly taunts Renu after which she does not say anything while Shobha tells Sayali that she is going after which Renu asks Sayali to go along with them.

Aaji asks her why will she go after which Sayali also says that she wants to go with her while Paresh tells her that after Sachin comes back then she should go back to her home.

Shobha also explains the same to her and she goes from there while Aaji tells Sayali to not judge Sachin by his behavior and she praises Sachin in front of Sayali after that they both sleep together.

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