Kumkum Bhagya: Harleen Reveals The Past To Purvi

Kumkum Bhagya: Harleen Reveals The Past To Purvi

Harleen reveals the past to Purvi after Monisha mixes chemicals in the food cooked by Prachi and Purvi while Amardayal's goons are about to kidnap Trishna.

Meanwhile, Dadi gets a sprain in the leg while Purvi tries to help her but Dadi winces in pain so Harleen scolds Purvi.

Purvi asks Rajvansh to not support her, as once he married to save her dignity in society but that's the worst day of her life.

There, Harman asks Harleen to not punish Purvi for the mistake she didn't commit while Harleen mentions that in the past Rajvansh was also innocent.

Further, Harleen shocks Khushi by mentioning the past to Purvi.

Will Harleen reveal Khushi's deeds?

To know if Rajvansh will realize his wrongdoings towards Purvi, keep watching this serial.

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