Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 17th April 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 17th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode starts with Shikha and Savi setting up the bed for Chinmay in Jeetu's room and asks him to not tell Chinmay about it.

Meanwhile, they find a property template in Chinmay's bag accidentally and is unable to decode the reason of it while Savi says if they figure it out then maybe they can understand Chinmay's intentions.

There, Ishaan announces about the play and asks them all to co-operate with Anvi as it's her director debut, after which Anvi says that she has choosen the other cast for the play but Lord Ram and Goddess Sita's casting is left.

After that, Savi explains looking at Ishaan that how the actor should be for Lord Ram's role which makes Reeva remember of Ishaan and she suggests his name for the role.

Further, Ishaan agrees to play Lord Ram on Anvi's insist after which they think for the casting of Goddess Sita and Anvi suggests Savi's name for it while Durva suggests Reeva.

Meanwhile, Anvi tries to explain why Savi is perfect for the role but because as per the rules actors should be from teacher's panel Reeva got selected for it which makes Savi sad.

Later, Anvi asks Savi to help her in the direction as she is nervous while Savi agrees to help her after which Chinmay comes to the college and taunts Savi for searching in his bag.

However, Savi makes him go giving a befitting reply while Ishaan asks Savi to not plan anything regarding Chinmay as it'll affect their family and asks her to only focus on her studies, to which Savi agrees.

There, Bhosle's family welcomes guests while Surekha misses Chinmay, after which Ishaan tells her that Chinmay will come as he has talked with him.

Meanwhile, Yashwant says that Chinmay shouldn't come there as he'll ruin the function and they better focus on welcoming their chief guests Surya, Indira, and Imlie.

On the other hand, Reeva and the other teachers are getting ready for their play while a teacher praises Reeva for looking great as Goddess Sita which makes Savi sad, just then, Anvi comes and asks them to hurry.

She asks Savi to be quick as their chief guests are coming while Imlie and her family come to the function where Imlie tries to talk with Surya but he looks upset with her after which Bhosle's family welcomes them.

Further, Indira meets Savi as Bhosle's daughter-in-law while Surekha takes them in to light the lamp to start the play.

Meanwhile, Savi and Imlie talk about their ambitions and Savi praises to Imlie about her college and Ishaan after which Imlie teases her saying looks like she likes Ishaan a lot while Savi diverts the topic and asks about the equation between Surya and Imlie.

After that, Imlie tells her that Surya is upset with her while Savi says she'll help Imlie in talking with Surya after which Savi makes an announcement about Surya's car parking so he goes to check his car.

At the same time, the play starts while Surya finds his car is parked correctly just then Imlie reveals to him that she has made the fake announcement.

Further, Surya scolds Imlie for that and they share a banter after which Surya tries to leave while Imlie follows him.

In the play, they starts Sita's Swayamvar scene while Surya is leaving but just then he sees a pillar going to fall on Imlie so he saves her and asks her to get aside after which Imlie says that she won't be aside until Surya listens to her.

She scolds him for hurting himself to excuse himself from telling the truth of their marriage to Indira but then apologizes for slapping him.

Meanwhile, Surya forgives him saying this is what she wants so now he has forgiven her so she can hate him again after which Imlie says that hating someone is something one can't stop for lifetime and he has killed his love and family.

However, still she has bound with him in a marriage where everyone expects them to accept it while Surya goes from there saying Imlie shouldn't think like that and even he knows their reality that she will hate him forever.

On the other hand, the play continues and no one can lift the Lord Shiv's bow so they say they'll lift it together and share Goddess Sita just then, Ishaan comes there as Lord Ram and takes a stand for Goddess Sita.

After that, he lifts up the bow and then Sita is asked to put the garland in Ram's neck but Reeva forgets her dialogues being lost in Ishaan so Savi voiceovers for her and then put the garland in Ishaan's neck by going to the stage being mesmerized by him.

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