Imlie 30th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 30th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imlie arguing with Surya that she won’t be able to live with him in the same room and follow the instructions that the Reddy family wants her to follow.

Surya does not say anything after which Imlie tells him that except for Hemlata no one asks how she is feeling and she decides that she will follow her own rules.

Imlie tells him that she cannot sleep along with him in the same room after which he tells her that he is waiting for family members to sleep so that he can go outside and sleep.

Just then, he picks up the pillow opens the door, and finds Nirmala over there after which she asks him where is he going.

Surya lies to her that he is going to bring water after which she asks him if he is going to bring water in the pillow then Imlie gives her a befitting reply that if she can put the sofa and some snacks outside the room she will keep an eye on them the whole night.

Nirmala feels offended and goes from there whereas Surya locks the door and sits on the floor while Imlie sleeps on the bed.

Meanwhile, Malti complains to Nirmala that Imlie has snatched her Raghu and Anna from her after which Nirmala tells her that Surya isn’t her kin.

Malti denies accepting it and says that she considers Surya as her kin after which Malti tells her that Surya had an affair with her friend Anjali whom he used to love.

Nirmala asks her to give Anjali’s number after which she asks her to come there whereas Imlie cries while sleeping after which Surya wipes off her tears.

Later, he finds that Indira is offering water to the tulsi plant after which he goes to her then she complains to him that he has changed a lot.

Surya tells her that he is the old Surya only and assures her that he will never let her feel bad whereas Imlie receives Anjali’s call on Surya’s phone.

She gives the phone to Surya after which he asks Anjali what is she doing there then Anjali tells her that Nirmala asked her to come there.

Surya gets anxious while Imlie gets ready to go and fill out the form for her intermediate but Indira asks her to not go out today.

She tells her that today is her first kitchen ritual so she should focus on it but Imlie keeps on insisting on it and says that she will return in one hour.

Indira does not accept and says that a woman’s right place is at home and look after her husband while Imlie tells her that no one is unequal and she tells Indira that woman should have the right to choose the work that she wants to do.

Imlie tells her that husband and wife should have a progressive relationship after which Indira asks Hemlata and Nirmala if they have any problem with her decision in the house.

No one says anything after which Imlie tells her that everyone fears going against her that’s why they are not saying anything.

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