Kumkum Bhagya 11th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with RV greeting Prachi as he talks to her while Purvi and RV both taunt each other that they can't stay together as Monisha comes as she sees everyone together.

Meanwhile, dadi comes as they all take her blessings while she introduces them to Monisha.

Monisha takes RV along with her saying she wants to talk to him.

Prachi gives gifts and sweets to them and also gives her the bracelet Trishna has given her.

Dadi asks Poorvi to take Prachi to her room as she sees Monisha and RV talking.

On the other hand, KK and Karthik say that RV is having a meeting with KK so that he can avoid his honeymoon and reveals that Purvi is like a daughter to him so if she wants to go on the honeymoon, he will refuse to have the meeting.

Concurrently, Trishna goes to her home as her father asks her what took her so long while she tells him what happened.

Subsequently, Purvi shows them her room which amazes Diya as she gets excited to see everyone while Prachi questions Purvi about Monisha.

Purvi is shocked and wonders how mothers know everything while Prachi says that women are born with sixth sense.

She further adds that she too thought it's ok for a third woman to stay around her husband but such is not the case.

Purvi tries to convince Prachi that she is thinking wrong while Prachi says that she is too innocent as she receives KK's call.

He apologizes to her for not calling earlier and asks if everything is going fine.

Purvi says that things are going well and invites him to the home.

They disconnect the call as KK wishes that she stays happy.

Prachi tells Purvi that she needs to talk to her once she returns from her honeymoon.

On the other hand, KK refuses to have the meeting with RV as he wants RV to go on the honeymoon with Purvi.

Meanwhile, Yug is informed that he has to go to the business plaza for the meeting with KK when RV arrives.

He asks them if KK had called and if he was saying that he wants to have the meeting only with RV.

RV is shocked when he comes to know that KK wants to have a meeting but not with him and leaves.

On the flip side, Vaishali asks Deepika what are the updates about RV and Purvi's honeymoon while Deepika says that she is sure that good news is on the way as they discuss that they too don't want them to go on a honeymoon.

RV tries to connect to KK as Monisha comes there while KK doesn't receive the call.

Karthik finally receives the call on KK's behalf as he says that he doesn't want to have the meeting with him and cancels the meeting.

RV reminds him that he had promised but KK says that Purvi matters to him more.

Meanwhile, Prachi and Diya leave as RV takes her blessings while Prachi says that she wishes that they always stay together.

Monisha gets that what Prachi said was directed at her.

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