Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Harman telling Harleen to forgive them since humans only make mistakes when she says that this mistake must not be tolerated.

Dadi tells her that Purvi is our family and we must stay together at any cost while Harleen says that Purvi should have understood how big of a responsibility she had taken up.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner's uncle says that whoever is the culprit should not be forgiven, be it Purvi or anyone else as he assures that he is a police commissioner and won’t let anything wrong happen and tries to defend them saying that he trusts the caterers and there must have been some mistake and goes out to talk to him.

One of the guests comes and grabs Purvi’s wrists tightly asking her why she did that to them when Tashu tries to resume her.

The guests blame her while they threaten her. Just then, Vishakha comes asking everyone to stay away from her and says that they shouldn’t dare touch Purvi.

The guests asks her to wait and watch when the police come while Purvi calms her down saying there was something in the food and takes her inside.

In the meantime, KK talks to Comissioner uncle saying that Purvi would never do something while he says that he cannot believe it as the scene outside says otherwise and concludes that they are the real culprit.

KK refuses to believe when he tells him a case that he had dealt with in which the ex-girlfriend had poisoned the food at her boyfriend’s wedding.

Tashu says that this can’t be the case since KK doesn’t know Prita while KK asks the uncle not to drag Purvi in this.

Concurrently, the goons shove RV inside the the car as they worry about what will happen next when Purvi’s car passes by the car RV is being shoved into but does not see him.

The goons talk among themselves as one of them asks the other what will happen now and the other says that Amar will decide this.

At the same time, Vishakha goes to the police station asking for Prachi when the police ask her to keep quiet or else she will be arrested she says that this is no law and they must investigate before arresting someone and marches to see Prachi.

The police order the constable to arrest her when Purvi asks her not to misuse their power as they are here to help the common people.

They are arresting Vishakha just because she is trying to communicate with them and wants to meet Prachi.

She further adds that she will never do such a thing at a wedding of their own as KK is like her father which makes the police ask her why he didn’t come to save them.

Meanwhile, the goons go to Amar and tell him everything as he orders them to drop him at a safe place.

Back at the police station, Purvi goes to meet Prachi while Monisha and everyone search for RV.

Purvi calms Prachi down as she gets panicked and feels bad for Tashu and cries.

She goes while Prachi recalls how Tashu had trusted her with everything and feels guilty for messing everything up.

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