Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Ranbeer telling Poorvi that he has considered her as his daughter so he will look after all her problems which makes Poorvi feel safe.

After that, Ranbeer asks her to come along with him whereas Krishna's parent get afraid and thinks that now Krishna's wedding will get canceled..

Krishna's dad asks her mother to not think negatively and asks her to have a positive mindset whereas Harleen gets worried for Krishna's family.

Harman asks Harleen why she is getting tensed as she asks him to not get involved in Krishna's family matter and she is only getting indulged.

Dada ji also asks Harleen to stop thinking about whereas RV comes there and gets to know from Monica that the police have arrested Prachi on allegation of not taking care of the food that she prepared due to which guests suffered from food poisoning.

Monica tells him that KK and Krishna have gone to bring back Poorvi while RV gets angry and asks why no one took a stand for Prachi after which Dipika asks him why is he so worried for Poorvi's family.

Then, RV tells everyone that he does not have any husband-wife relationship with Poorvi but he is feeling bad for Prachi because she is just like his mother.

He says that he will also go to look after Prachi whereas Ranbeer while driving the car murmurs that he can do anything for Prachi as he is his beloved daughter.

Ranbeer asks god to give him the courage to come in front of Prachi whereas Prachi after going to the police station tells the inspector that KK and Krishna have come there to take back the case.

The inspector asks he won't reject the case while RV asks the security to show him the CCTV photo of the kitchen so that he can check that who came into the kitchen and added something in the food.

Monica overhears his conversation which makes her anxious and she tells about this thing Dipika whereas Inspector meets KK and krishna and tells them that he cannot take back the case because people have suffered from food poisoning so their family members will never take back the case.

KK tries to manipulate the inspector after which he asks the constable to bring Parchi from the cell while RV also goes along with the constable.

Just then, Prachi thanks Krishna for helping her whereas Dipika becomes worried and tells Monica that she will suicide because now her truth will come out just because of her.

Dipika argues with her and says that her married life will get ruined just because of her after which Monica says that nothing wrong will happen after which Dipika asks her to give reassurance.

Meanwhile, Prachi comes out of the cell and gets to know that with the help of KK Poorvi succeeded in bringing her out of jail.

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