Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Purvi coming into the room seeing it messed up and deciding to make it clean by Rajvansh.

As Rajvansh comes he complains about the messed up room while Purvi tells him that it's his clothes that are scattered here and there as he doesn't keep them properly in the almirah.

She asks him to clean them but Rajvansh shows her attitude and decides to sleep while Purvi asks him to clean otherwise he can't sleep there.

However, Rajvansh says that Purvi can't oust him from the room and asks her to sleep in another room after which Purvi says that if Rajvansh doesn't clean it, she'll go to Dadi and tells her about their honeymoon how Rajvansh ousted her from the room and then Monisha comes there.

After that, she tries to go but Rajvansh gets scared and says that he'll sleep outside to stop Purvi then leaves the room.

Meanwhile, Purvi gets happy and sleeps peacefully, after which Rajvansh walks cursing the marriage just then he spots Dadu too with a pillow and blanket.

Further, Dadu questions him why he is here to which Rajvansh makes an excuse but Dadu asks him to not make an excuse or show attitude as he is like him only but Dadi ousts him from the room.

After that, Rajvansh chuckles so Dadu replies him back that he can make fun of him but now it's his chance as he is newly married but still, he is ousted from the room after the fight.

However, Rajvansh tries to stay intact on his excuse but Dadu takes him back to the room to find out the truth where when Dadu knocks on the door Purvi refuses to open the door thinking it's Rajvansh.

Further, Purvi gets to know it's Dadu and opens the door after which Dadu asks Purvi to not oust Rajvansh from the room as they are newly married, to which Purvi tells him about the clothes so Dadu forces Rajvansh to fix the clothes properly inside the almirah.

There, Prachi seems panic to about preparing food as Ranbir and Trishna are coming while Manpreet consoles her, while Prachi thinks that she should get this order as it'll be good for her business.

On the other hand, Ranbir and Trishna reach Prachi's locality, just then Ranbir gets a call so he excuses himself, and Trishna bells the ring of Prachi's house.

After that, Prachi opens the door and asks Trishna about her husband seeing her alone, to which she tells her that he is talking on a call and shows him, but Prachi can see his backside only and feels a connection.

Further, Prachi makes Trishna taste the food and she likes it after which she goes to use the bathroom while Manpreet asks Prachi to call Trishna's husband.

There, Rajvansh and Purvi share cute moments with Dadu and Dadi which makes Monisha jealous and she decides to defame Purvi soon.

On the other hand, Prachi notices Ranbir talking on the call from the backside.

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