Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with goons terrifying the servant of Karan's house and asking him to tell where Karan has hidden the papers.

The servant does not tell anything after which goons slap him then the servant takes him to Karan's room whereas Kareena's daughter tells Rajveer that the goons are misunderstanding Palki with Preeta that's why they want to kill her.

Rajveer wonders why they want to harm Preeta whereas one goon comes there and takes them where other family members are there after which he ties everyone with rope.

Anushman's man notices that Karan is missing after which he asks Karan to come out of the room but Karan does not respond so he goes to see him.

Meanwhile, Shaurya asks Nidhi why is she feeling so weak after which she tells him that she is worried for Karan as he does not look after himself.

Just then, Palki comes there and asks Shaurya to help her find Rajveer and Girish because the goon took away both of them from there.

Shaurya asks her to relax after which he goes to find Rajveer and asks Sandy to look after Nidhi whereas Aarohi meets Rakhi and Kareena and tries to manipulate them against Preeta.

Rakhi gets manipulated and says that she can go against Preeta for Karan after which Aarohi asks her to reunite Karan and Nidhi to separate Preeta from Karan's life.

She suggests they put a condition in front of Karan that they will allow Preeta to stay with them at one cost if he will fulfill his husband's duty for Nidhi because she has sacrificed a lot for them.

On the other hand, the goon asks Dadi to sit on the floor but she refuses and says that she cannot sit on the floor after which Kareena's daughter asks goon to let her talk to Anushman Pandey.

Then, Rajveer interrupts and says that he will talk to him but Kareena's daughter scolds him after which he does not say anything while one of the goons ties Kareena's daughter's hand and asks Rajveer to take them to Karan's room.

Meanwhile, Shanaya tells Kareena's daughter that she is worried for Rajveer after which she distracts them and asks Kareena's daughter to go behind Rajveer and the goons.

Daljeet also supports Shanaya in her act after which goons do not pay attention to Kareena's daughter and she succeeds in escaping from there to find Rajveer.

Shanaya argues with the goons so that they cannot search for Kareena's daughter while Daljeet also starts yelling at them and terrifies them by saying that when Shanaya gets provoked she beats people around her ruthlessly.

Goons do not believe in her and ask Daljeet to keep her mouth quiet whereas other goons ask Rajveer to tell her about the password of Karan's locker.

Rajveer tells them that he does not know about it but the goons do not bel in him and beat him after which blood comes from his nose and asks him to tell by putting him at gunpoint.

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