Kundali Bhagya 14th April 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 14th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Anshuman's man putting Rajveer at gunpoint and asking him to tell the password of Karan's locker.

Rajveer lies to him that he does not know the password after which he beats him so Rajveer tells him the wrong password twice after which the goon asks him to tell the correct password.

Then, Rajveer tells him that he has forgotten the password after which goons guess the password on their own and they come to the conclusion that Karan would have kept Rakhi Luthra's birthdate as the password.

After that, they try Rakhi's birthdate as a password and the locker opens after which goons take away the file from the locker but Rajveer fights along with them and says that they cannot take away the file from there.

Then, they get involved in a fight after which Rajveer gets injured while the journalist comes outside Luthra's house and covers the news and tells that goons have entered the house and trying to steal away the things.

Anshuman watches the news on TV after which he gets anxious seeing his goons in the news and murmurs that he has to hide otherwise everyone will get to know about him.

On the other hand, goons blackmail Luthra's ladies and ask Rakhi to sit on the floor but Rakhi refuses and says that she had a knee operation recently so she cannot sit on the floor.

Goons make fun of her after which Palki scolds him and asks him to behave well after which goons taunt him and say that they are not there to show manners and etiquette to anyone.

Meanwhile, Nidhi and Mahesh try to convince Karan to not go and fight along with the goons but Karan does not listen to him after which he comes outside to fight with the goons.

Nidhi and Mahesh also follow him whereas Karan gets involved in a fight with the goons and Nidhi makes a plan along with Sandy to gain everyone's attention so that she can talk to the goons in the same way Preeta used to handle the situation so that Karan can get attracted toward her.

Till then, the Police come there and get to know about Anshuman after seeing his photo so the inspector asks the constable to call Karan and ask him about it whereas Kavya asks Varun to help her.

Varun assures her that he will handle things and save everyone in the family after which Kavya gets unconscious so he brings her into room and gives her some water to drink but he mixes medicine in it.

Kavya drinks that water and becomes unconscious after which he smirks and says that he doesn't have any other option so he does it so taht she cannot create a problem for him.

On the other hand, Karan's phone rings after which a goon asks him to receive the call so Karan talks to the inspector on call after which he asks Karan to put the call on speaker.

The inspector asks the goon to take the paper that he wants and come out after it but the goon tries to terrify the inspector in front of the Luthra family.

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