Parineeti 19th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 19th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pammi taking Neeti’s side and scolding Shally for misbehaving with Neeti after which Shraddha comes in between and takes a stand for Shally.

She asks Pammi to stop making fake allegations about Shally and says that Neeti is lying while Bebe asks her to see Neeti’s condition after which Sharradha says that Shally has lived in London but still he is connected to his roots.

Meanwhile, Pari goes to call Neeti but she does not open the door whereas Shally tells everyone that Neeti still loves Rajeev that’s why she is doing such fake dramas.

Rajeev gets provoked after which he fights with Shally while Shraddha says that even she has observed Neeti roaming around him every time while whenever Shally comes near to her then she behaves rudely rudely to him.

Pammi and Rajeev ask Shraddha to rethink before saying anything while Chandrika becomes anxious and thinks about it whereas Pammi does not accept it.

After that, Shraddha says that Neeti is trying to snatch Rajeev from Pari while Neeti opens the door after which Pari asks her to keep her patience and tell what punishment she wants to give to Shally.

Neeti says that she is afraid that after marriage Shally will do the same after which Pari comes downstairs and scolds Shally for misbehaving with Neeti.

Shally stares at Neeti after which Rajeev holds Shally’s collar and asks him who is he staring after which he asks him to go from there while the police come there.

Shraddha asks why the Police have come there after which Pari says that she has called, Shraddha asks Shally to run from there but the police arrest him.

Shally before going to jail warns Neeti and tells her that soon he will bring her truth in front of everyone while Shraddha keeps on crying when the police take Shally away from there.

Later, Pammi meets Rajeev and Pari and tells them that she is worried that Neeti will again come in between their life as Shraddha was also saying all these things.

Pari says that Neeti is not wrong after which Pammi says that Shraddha and Shally do not know about Neeti’s past but still, they claim that Neeti likes Rajeev which clears everything and she says that Shally might be right at his place.

Then, Pari asks her how can she think of such things for Neeti after which Pammi says that Neeti is very much obsessed with Rajeev which can be noticed.

Afterward, Shally returns home and he recalls what ever happened to him today after which he decides to take revenge on Neeti for ruining his image in front of the Bajwa family.

Then, he secretly comes to Bajwa's house after changing his get up and he directly goes to Neeti’s room and whispers into her ear that he is back while Neeti is asleep.  

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