Radha Mohan 14th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 14th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Dadi praying to god about how can she save Radha from her past and Yug and asks the god to give her some signs how can she save Radha.

Just then, Mohan comes there and prays to god that he is trying to figure out life and handling everything over the years but can't do it.

He remembers how Radha has saved Gungun from mushroom allergy previously being a mother but he isn't able to handle or give a good upbringing to Gungun.

After that, he says the loving and caring Gungun has disappeared after Radha's departure and worries for Gungun.

Then, he prays to god to send Radha back at least for Gungun's sake as now only Radha can change her.

There, Yug worries when he can't find Dadi and worries if Dadi tells Radha what he has done then Radha won't forgive him.

Further, he remembers that Radha says to him to go to god when he doesn't find any way to get out of the problem thus he decides to go to the temple and asks god to help him in saving his marriage.

On the other hand, Radha comes to Manan's school to get his result while Ketki and Ajeet also come there to get Sargam's result and worry.

Meanwhile, Yug calls Dadi but she declines his call which makes Yug angry and he decides to harm Dadi.

There, Radha praises Manan for getting A+ grades in all subjects and asks him to do better in English just then Sargam comes there happily and tells Manan she has got C+ in all the subjects, after which Manan shows off himself.

This makes Sargam sad while Radha consoles her and asks her to not be sad and be proud of her achievement while Ketki and Ajeet decide to make Mohan teach Sargam to improve her grades.

Just then, Radha wishes to meet Sargam's parents after which Ketki and Ajeet come there and are shocked to see Radha as well as Radha is shocked to see them.

Meanwhile, Manan and Sargam go away after which Ajeet gets emotional to see Radha and tries to talk with her, he says she has changed a lot and hugs her but Radha stays firm at her place.

Ajeet adds he can't believe that Radha is in front of him while Ketki tries to stop him but he doesn't and says to Ketki that they got their Radha back.

However, Radha says she is Radhika and Radha died a long ago shocking them.

There, Mohan sees Dadi in the temple and gets emotional, he asks her about her whereabouts.

Further, Mohan hugs her and asks her about Radha after which, he states that he, Gungun, and his family need Radha thus he wants to meet her and asks Dadi to tell him about Radha.

Meanwhile, Dadi rebukes Mohan for his past actions towards Radha calling him selfish.

She adds they treated Radha like a servant but now she is living a lavish life thus she won't let Mohan reach her to ruin her happiness.

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