Udne Ki Aasha 14th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 14th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Pandit ji asking Sayali to focus on pooja and do properly every ritual.

After that, Sayali does everything as per Pandit Ji's instruction and after the pooja is completed Pandit Ji asks Sayali where is she lost.

Sayali asks for an apology from him but she is afraid of Sudhakar then Juhi consoles her saying that after her marriage Sudhakar won't disturb her.

In the meantime, Tejas receives money after which he becomes happy and is about to change his clothes to escape from there whereas the inspector drops Sachin back to the wedding location.

Paresh comes to Tejas's room and asks him to open the door after which Tejas opens the door and Paresh scolds him for not getting ready on time and he snatches Tejas's phone.

Tejas tells him that he won't do the wedding unless he gives his phone back so Paresh returns his phone and asks him to come on time.

After that, Tejas notices that Isha has transferred the whole money into her account which makes him worried and he tries to call her but she does not receive after which Isha's friend asks her to receive Tejas's call once.

Isha receives his call after which Tejas asks her why she transferred the whole money into her account then Isha asks him if he is doubting her.

Tejas denies after which she manipulates him and tells him that she transferred money into her account because after knowing about this fraud Paresh will block their account so to stay away from any type of chaos she transferred money into her account.

At the same time, Shobha and Dilip become tensed seeing Sudhakar over there while Tejas asks Isha to tell him what he should do next after which she asks him to escape from the mandap as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Shobha goes to see Sayali while she notices that Shobha is worried after which Sayali asks her what happened then she tells her about Sudhakar's deed.

Sayali asks about Dilip and says that she thinks Sudhakar will fight with Dilip so she requests Juhi to bring Dilip in her room so Juhi goes to call him.

On the other hand, Tejas changes her clothes and cover his face with a mask, and runs away from there after which Sudhakar's men tell about it to him.

Akash goes to see Tejas and asks him to come outside but he does not receive any response after which Akash calls him but Tejas cuts the call whereas the inspector stops the bike and drinks tea.

Sachin asks him to drop him on time because he is getting late but the inspector asks him to wait whereas Akash tells Paresh that Tejas is missing from his room.

Shobha asks Aaji why Tejas is not coming downstairs after which Aaji assures her that Paresh has gone to bring him whereas Tejas switches off his phone.

Paresh searches for Tejas everywhere but cannot find him anywhere while Sayali gets emotional and recalls Alok whereas Paresh asks Renuka where is Tejas.

She gets confused after which Paresh tells her that Tejas is missing from the house which makes her anxious.     

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