Udne Ki Aasha 15th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 15th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali roaming inside her room from there and there after which Shobha comes there.

Sayali asks her what happened after which Shobha lies to her that everything is fine but Sayali does not believe in her and she asks if Sudhakar did something wrong to Dilip.

Shobha tells her there is nothing like this after that she tells Sayali Tejas is not coming out of the room which makes Sayali confused.

Meanwhile, Aaji asks Paresh what to do next while Renu says that they have ruined Tejas's life by not asking his decision.

Renu says that she is afraid that Tejas will do something wrong to himself after which Aaji says that nothing wrong will happen and that Sayali is waiting for Tejas.

Paresh says that he asked for everyone's decision before fixing Tejas's wedding but Renuka refuses to accept while Aaji says that they have to find Tejas first of all.

Akash finds a letter written by Tejas and he shows it to Renuka and Paresh in which Tejas has written that he has escaped from the city along with the girl he loved.

Paresh yells at Renu but she does not accept that Tejas has anyone in his life Paresh throws away the chair which makes Renuka fearful.

Kishor consoles Paresh while he asks what answer or justification will he give to Sayali and her mother after that Aaji asks where is Sachin.

Paresh stands numb while Sachin return to the marraige hall but inspector asks him to give five thousand rupees after which Sachin tells him that he will bring it from inside but Inspector says that he will also come along with him.

Sachin finds Kishor outside the hall after which he asks him to give five thousand rupees to him but Kishor asks him to meet Paresh first.

After that, he comes inside to meet Parseh and asks him to give five thousand rupees to him after which Parseh tells him that he is unaware of the thing that is going there.

Aaksh shows him the letter written by Tejas and tells him that Tejas has escaped from the wedding while Sachin starts laughing and says that he knew it from day one.

Sachin asks him to check the retirement money if Tejas has escaped along with it or not after which Kishor checks and tells Paresh that whole money has been transferred to Tejas's account.

Then, Paresh asks Kishor to get ready Sachin in place of Tejas after which he tells Shobha that Tejas has ran away from the wedding and shows the letter written by him.

Shobha starts crying and says that Sayali is waiting for Tejas after which he asks her to not cry but Shobha curses her destiny and wonders now what will happen with Sayali.

She goes crying from there and cries in front of he guests after which she tells Sayali in front of everyone that Tejas has escaped from the wedding.

Juhi asks Parseh why he forced Tejas to marry Sayali if he didn't want to get married to her after which Dilip also questions to him but he does not have any answers to their questions.  The End. 

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